Alibabacoin, or ABBC, is a cryptocurrency business approach by the global retailer and wholesaler Alibaba. It describes its new technology as optimized for finance, distribution, shopping, and security using the blockchain technology.

According to the CEO, Alibaba sees a better and more secure future with valuable blockchain solutions, hence AlibabaCoin. The blockchain platform that AlibabaCoin is built on promises to be the one blockchain technology that will emerge as the leading platform for digital assets in the world.

The company has built the platform as a secure fund security system improved using secret innovations on the blockchain algorithm that makes it compatible with other cutting-edge technologies including hashing and facial recognition. Alibaba has expressed a lot of confidence in the depth of business their new cryptocurrency will bring, even guaranteeing a 100 per cent growth of the crypto platform alongside the business’ vision.

AlibabaCoin Best Features

Just like most cryptocurrencies in the market today, AlibabaCoin encourages everyone to join and participate in the sharing and distribution of financial assets on their platform. The top reasons they give as to why you should consider ABBC are:

Unique Blockchain Implementation

While the blockchain is a secure, transparent, and public technology to store and transmit data and user transactions, access to it is shared among users and the development team. Alibaba’s blockchain is unique in that it reduces user risk by enabling more dynamic chains that require lower inventory but with higher service levels.

Facial Recognition

The added facial recognition capabilities makes Alibaba’s blockchain more formidable, secure, and reliable compared to those without this extra layer of security. Through facial recognition, users can have more confidence in their own trading, access their stored digital assets with ease, and make payments with minimal hassle.

ABBC Is Combination-ready

Since blockchain technology is built on a decentralized network, each block added to the chain is verified by all the other blocks. Eventually, the world will have a single blockchain platform to handle everything from financial transactions to storing data. AlibabaCoin runs on a blockchain platform that is ready for combination with all other cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms in the world to facilitate payment and transactions on one platform.

Social Contribution

Since AlibabaCoin is fundamentally managed and operated by a foundation on a social contribution and donation mission, the currency is best place for use in fighting persistent ills in the society including war, hunger, medical care, and food.

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