All In One Coins is a cryptocurrency project created by Hong Kong-registered company Aaress Fintech Inc. Find out how AIOcoin works today in our review.

What Is AIOCoins?

All In One Coin, or AIOcoin is a new cryptocurrency that just announced itself online. The AIOcoin ICO is scheduled to take place at the end of September.

AIOcoin is a project led by Aares Fintech, a Hong Kong-registered company. That company is run by a team of unidentified individuals who, according to a press release, “have a passion for innovation in fintech and want to bring blockchain technology to various parts of the financial world.”

Essentially, All In One Coin acts as a stake in a traditional hedge fund. The token will act as a representative share of the entire pool that fund. It’s called “all in one coin” because owning an AIO token is similar to holding a share of all of the coins and tokens in the pool. Instead of purchasing each coin, token, stock, and security individually, you can purchase the AIOcoin to represent everything.

The AIOcoin ICO

The AIOcoin ICO is taking place at the end of September. The company has set a price of $1 USD per coin. ICO participants can purchase tokens using bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin.

The project will use the funds from the ICO to purchase “the ten most highly traded cryptocurrencies on the market today.” Based on the performance of these assets over time, the value of each AIOcoin will rise or fall.

Investors who purchase AIOcoin tokens will be able to participate in the cryptocurrency market without needing to worry about the performance of a particular asset or the various developments that affect price.

The tokens are designed to entirely represent the value of the fund: the value of one AIO coin is equal to the total fund value divided by the number of tokens sold. It’s a simple valuation system.

All funds raised during the ICO, as well as the portfolio’s composition and future holdings, will be recorded on the official website for anyone to view.

The AIOcoin Investment Strategy

Essentially, AIOcoin is a token representing your share in an investment fund. That fund will invest in the top 10 most highly-traded cryptocurrencies.

The website also mentions that they’ll invest in specific sectors with different currencies:

“Further we will introduce sector specific digital currency pool’s [sic] with objective to provide funding in different sectors like constructions, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking, retail, space research, aayurvedic [sic]] medicines & alternative therapies, etc.”

Just like a traditional investment fund, AIOcoin will diversify with alternative funds. The AIOcoin, however, appears to be exclusively focused on buying portions of the top 10 most highly-traded cryptocurrencies on the market.

AIOcoin hasn’t yet listed its breakdowns or percentages for the top 10 cryptocurrencies – like say, how much they’re putting in Ethereum and bitcoin compared to an altcoin like OmiseGO. However, the company plans to publish all fund information online at the official website.

We also don’t know what type of management fee will be assessed – if any.

About Aaress Fintech Inc.

The AIOcoin project is led by a Hong Kong-based company called Aaress Fintech Inc. The company claims to be run by professional fund managers and cryptocurrency experts.

Aaress Fintech also claims to be in the process of developing a regulated futures index and options trading in cryptocurrencies – something that would represent the first of its kind in a crypto exchange.

Aside from this basic information, we can’t find any additional details about Aaress Fintech Inc. available online. The whitepaper (which is just 8 pages long) doesn’t mention any team members or further details. All we really know is that the company is registered in Hong Kong. The company’s “About” page just uses vague words like, “Our team consist of…core developers, financial experts, blockchain technicians and management experts.”

Typically, it’s not a good idea to invest in anything until you know more details about the company and who’s running it. This is doubly true in the world of fund investing.

AIOCoins Conclusion

AIOcoin, or All In One Coin, seems like a straightforward investment fund-based token. The token is called the “all in one coin” because it represents a basket of 10 different cryptocurrencies. The fund will initially invest in the top 10 most highly-traded cryptocurrencies on the market before eventually branching into other sectors of the industry with other coins.

You can learn more about the AIOcoin project online today by visiting The ICO is taking place at the end of September.

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  1. Purchased 334 tokens/coins (1 Ethereum worth) from these guys on Sept 5. They promise payment to your wallet within 24 hours. It has been a week and twice I have contacted support with no response. These guys are looking more and more like a scam. Be careful.

  2. Obviously a scam, look at the website and the vague “As seen on” cut and paste information.

    Only need to screen through the website once to realise it wont stay up long.

  3. Not a scam. Already turned 34% profit in one week since going live.. if you haven’t gotten your tokens send them a message on fb


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