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The world is changing all around us. Today, technology is making life quite easy. Nearly 20 years ago, it would have been almost impossible to conceptualize social media. The idea of a place where hundreds of millions could coexist and share ideas was impossible. It would have been hard to imagine a virtual space where you could be paid just for being there.

The Power Of Social Media

Social media is now an important part of our lives. Many people today use it for more than just communicating. Many small businesses advertise their services here. There are also marketing experts who use these platforms exclusively. Many marketers understand how powerful social media can be. Unlike television, people cannot switch channels during commercial breaks.

As long as there is an ad on their news feed, people will have to view it. Besides that, you can target ads on social media so that people only see advertisements they have an interest in. With social media, it has led to the development of bloggers. These trusted people review various kinds of products, and many others buy them because their favorite blogger mentioned them.

Today, many people are doing this as a full-time career. They are realizing that they do not need to attend a university to get a well-paying job. If you are popular enough on the internet, large companies will be calling you and paying you to review their products. In fact, most of the popular bloggers are young people without a degree. They are able to utilize this popularity to make money with minimal effort.

They Make a lot of Money

In some cases, these bloggers are getting contracts worth millions of dollars. Via these contracts, they are making much more money than even engineers and doctors who have spent many years getting their degree. With time, more young people are trying to grow their audiences and make money via blogging. However, most of them fail.

In light of this, the developers of this project envision a new type of social media. This social media will reward users for advertising no matter how small their audience might be. Anyone will be rewarded for simply time spent on social media. As a result, users will be motivated to grow their audience and thus boost their earnings.

About The All Me Social Cryptocurrency Trading Network Project

All Me is a new type of network based on the principles of cooperation between the network and users. In this new thinking, users are rewarded for coming up with creative content that attracts many views. The end goal is to share as much as 50% of all revenues with the users.

For external settlements, the project will utilize the Bitcoin. For all the internal settlements of the project, the developers have come up with the ME token. Each user will be treated like an advertising platform and their users as an audience. Thus, the more subscribers that one has, the more people will see their ads. A user will be rewarded in direct proportion to the subscribers that they have.

All Me ME Token ICO Details

The All Me pre-sale for the ME token is over. They raised $30.5 million. This was a major success as it beat their goal by over 84%. Therefore, they have decided to post-pone the main-ICO until Q4 of 2018. However, they are still selling the ME tokens in the meantime.

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