For anyone practicing art as a hobby or a part-time profession, there is always the hope of turning it into a full-time occupation. However, the most significant challenge is where you can make it possible given the opaque nature of the art world. It is evident that making a living off art is a lucrative venture but not for every artist. The most significant challenge comes in how you assess your work, how much to charge, where to get the seller and how to market your creations.

While all this might seem like a considerable challenge, blockchain technology is set to make it nothing more than rewarding for you to make your art. How does it do that? Well the next blockchain ICO represents a platform that will provide artists with millions of audience on blockchain.

What Is All Of Art?

All of Art is a decentralized art platform that showcases an excessive assort of different artworks for sale. All of Art founders aim to create an art marketplace whereby even the most novice of artists can sell their creative idea in a peer-to-peer, transparent and counterfeit platform. The current art trading ecosystem is full of price manipulation and fake products. All of Art will have you buying art from the artist himself safely and securely.

The Structure Of The Art Marketplace

The All of Art decentralized structure will comprise of three components

An art community that will act as a social network for artists who want to aggregate their work socially

  1. An online search for artworks that works on a neutral protocol for optimal search results
  2. An auction gallery where artists sell their work in a P2P system without any transaction fees.
  3. The payment of the artworks will occur through cryptocurrencies that include All of Art token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves.

Standout Pros And Cons of Using All Of Art

As a remedy for our ailing art market, All of Art will have the following benefits depending on the category of the user.

To The Customer

  • Access to a large number of unique artworks under one platform
  • Direct contact with the artists
  • Competitive prices for the artwork
  • No need to pay for transaction fees or commissions for the trade

To The Artist

  • Exposure to a larger audience
  • Potential to sell and earn from your work.
  • Establishment of networks with the clients
  • Safe and secure transaction mode for earning.

However, the use of the token also comes with several factors to consider regarding adverse effects. All of Art is only a utility token which means it has no value outside the ecosystem. The crypto is also not subject to regulation, and that means the US securities is not liable in case there are any losses

All Of Art Conclusion – Should You Join?

Unless you are an avid art lover, there is little reason to join All of Art. While the concept of a decentralized art marketplace is critical for the industry, the version in which All of Art present it lacks the enthusiasm seen in most blockchain ventures. All-in-all, whether you invest or not, All of Art has a positive potential to become a blessing to the art world. The only challenge is for the development team to make it a worthier cause for investors to come in.

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