In recent times, stories of people buying art pieces worth millions of dollars, which turn out to be fake are becoming quite common. In the art industry, fraud and counterfeit goods are the two major issues. Furthermore, these two issues are growing at a rate of 24% every year.

By 2020, these problems are estimated to be worth about USD 9.5 billion. However, not all hope is lost. Many people are already beginning to see a solution in the blockchain. All Public Art has decided not just to sit and talk but also do something about it. The developers started working on a platform in 2015. The aim was to collect art directly from art collectors.

The Beta Version Of All Public Art

The beta version of the platform has been around since 2015. The goal is to empower artists and make it possible for art galleries to protect art collectors. With the APA project, it will be possible to ensure that the online marketplace is secure and transparent. Eventually, this will cut down the chances of counterfeit and fraud in the sector. Besides that, art galleries will be able to gain more insight into a particular artist.

All Public Art Blockchain Art Trading Market Benefits

A bonus of using the blockchain is that you will not just be able to prove the authenticity of art pieces. It will also be possible to ensure that the price of art pieces is not influenced by price manipulation, kickbacks, or collusion. Artists and collectors will be able to trade with each other directly. The medium of trade on this platform is the All Public Art token.

APA intends to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the art sector. However, they are facing various challenges. In general, artists have not been involved in the blockchain technology. It means that one of the tasks APA will face is educating artists about blockchain technology and convince them of the advantages it holds.

Since the start of 2015, APA has been documenting their journey. They even hired a photographer during a roadshow. They are trying to create awareness and use that to educate the masses. There are numerous artists and art pieces in the world. In a perfect world, all artists and art prices would be easy to identify and authenticate. On the APA platform, this will become possible.

All Public Art APA Token ICO Details

All Public Art will be holding an ICO for their APA token. The date is still to be determined. You can sign up on their site to be notified. You will be able to purchase APA tokens with Ethereum.

Allocation Of Funds

  • Development 50%
  • Marketing & Sales 25%
  • Operations 15%
  • Legal 10%

Why Artists Should Join All Public Art

The reason people should join APA is that Art is one of the things that bring fulfillment in life. APA is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals who love art, who create art, and who support art have a place to connect. It is the difference between APA and the competition. They aim to connect people in a personal manner so that they can discover each other. Through this platform, the lovers of art will be able to discover new pieces of art. The end goal is to ensure that artists are adequately compensated for their art. Besides that, by fighting counterfeits, it will provide people who are more willing to spend money on art.

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