ALLN is a new token designed to be practical and used as your real-life cryptocurrency that is used for value. Their belief is that consumption builds value, which also happens to be the future. You can download the whitepaper on the company website and read more about the company looking to take over the skies. All stands for Airline and Life Networking Token.

How Does Alln Work?

This is a decentralized application that is designed for real consumption and created by Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited or the Issuer. The ALLN System is attempting to interconnect with FAT or Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation.

The purpose, to enhance the potential for the continued diversifying and widening of its fly zone, or network for navigation to various places around the world. And to use cryptocurrency as the fuel in a company where it will be consistently consumed and used to support big business and large enterprises, thereby become one of the leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries for having a token that is used for real like purposes, while being consumed at a constant and massive rate.

The system will serve as a type of service channel on which different transactions can be made, smart contracts formulate, and asset use allocation handled. They are fully trying to realize the true potential and unlimited applications tat can be done with blockchain.

The platform will first market and sell the app for the purpose of increasing its use and widespread, real life market for people applying cryptocurrency solutions with their business. Once they’ interwove throughout the entire cryptocurrency space in the aviation network, ALLN will be the primary way people pay for ticket all over the world.

The next logical step is to enter the consumer service industry. And in the future, ALLN will be used in most cases without thought, for instant transactions – leading to massive consumption of the token. People’s lives will be heavily influenced by the token, so much as to have the power to change their habits.

The token can be used in multiple scenarios and applied for making purchases all over the world. Not only will it be used to buy airline tickets, it will also be used to buy real estate, resorts for holiday, and other reasons as well. And when applications of this nature take place in newer markets successfully, with all blockchain functions being implemented successfully, the real life consumption and application of the token will be seen as nearing completion for the cryptocurrency.

About Alln ICO

The total number of tokens for the company is 2,275,000,000 tokens. There is a risk disclosure statements you can read on the website to learn more as well as terms of service statement and an ICO paper that gives out their entire plan.

The fundraising date for the company runs from the 28th of March to the 27th of April, 2018. They have hit 2.3%of their total hard cap it looks like.

Who Is Behind Alln?

There is a team of six highly professional business people running the show for ALLN. They have created the system to be based on a business plan designed to get big enterprises to use the token.

And are extremely focused on emerging industries to build strategic partnerships for the purpose of spreading the ALLN token rapidly around the world. It’s the partnerships that when developed properly and executed with efficiency, will help see ALLN used for nearly all practical operations on a global scale.

Everyone on the team has high degrees in education in communications, technology and business. They are also extremely experienced with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The entire platform is based around professionalism.

Alln In Conclusion

The platform is attempting to become the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain company in all of Asia to start. From their they will take the ALLN platform around the world for real life applications. They want the token to become so practical that it is used by every industry as the primary method of payment.

Whether it’s hospitality, travel or the medical industry – ALLN is taking a very ambitious approach to get involved in as many facets of every day life as possible.

I would keep a close eye on the company, they could be spreading themselves to thin by trying to become the leader in so many industries, but at the same time – it sounds like they’re planning on doing it piece by piece over an extended period of time, yet still fast as possible. Whatever the case is, ALLN is one of the best ICOs and startups to watch in entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space. You can learn more about the company, read their white paper, and invest in with them at

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