AllocateRite Releases Its AI-powered Mandarin Chinese Digital Asset Manager Version

AllocateRite has announced the launch of a Mandarin version of its fully automated digital asset management platform and marketing website designed for the Chinese market.

The New York FinTech company provides asset managers with dynamic asset allocations employed through ETF-based investment strategies.

Their goal is simple, AllocateRite wants to provide asset managers with the digital solutions to successfully compete for customers of every size, said Bala Shagrithaya, C.E.O. AllocateRite.

For them China comes in first in the use of FinTech services across the top twenty major economies. However, the Chinese population is financially underserved when it comes to investment alternatives.

China has leap-frogged into the digital stage without giving financial intermediaries much of a chance to serve them.

AllocateRite says they see this as a perfect opportunity for introducing their customer-centered business model and lifestyle to the Chinese marketplace.

This localized version of the platform makes it that much easier for spreading the word. The company said their clients maintain full discretion, custody and control of their accounts/assets held with existing broker dealers/custodians. The fact that client's funds stay where they are and never transferred to us further aligns with the current regulatory environment in China.

Their focus is on delivering smart strategies that provide capital preservation, growth and income generation for ‘all' investors, regardless of age, wealth or status.

AllocateRite's cloud-based FinTech platform utilizes innovative adaptive intelligence, financial analytics and blockchain for data immutability to deliver portfolio investment strategies to sophisticated asset managers.

The AllocateRite strategies (with respective Bloomberg tickers): US Domestic Composite (ARUSDOM), Diversified International Composite (ARINTNL), and Global Dynamic Composite (ARDYBLD) prioritize risk management and capital preservation.

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