AllSporter Coin ICO Review:

AllSporter is a new blockchain company that offers a P2P marketplace for sports enthusiasts. In this platform, they will be able to rent equipment and book sports training.

The platform was created because the blockchain might enable sports enthusiasts to share their sports gear and make some money while doing so. Also, it would help people to have instant access to these things for a cheaper price.

The main goal of AllSporter is to create an ecosystem that will create a network of sports enthusiasts basically helping each other and enabling their peers to solve problems and create a community.

How Does AllSporter Work?

The platform will work as a way to connect people in a “win-win” situation because both the people want to lend equipment or offer services with be benefited as the people who are looking for them. All the transactions will be made directly between the interested parties and by using the tokens of the company, the users will not have to pay high commissions for the transactions.

The company states that it has received a very positive review so far and that its goal is to serve millions of users around the world and to have a real impact in their lives.

AllSporter intends to launch its service until the end of 2018 and then expand to the US market in 2019. It will also expand to the Western European market at the end of the year and introduce a software for sports event organizers. In 2020, the company will expand to Asian markets.

allsporter homepage

The AllSporter Token Sale

Unfortunately, the company did not release much information about the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of AllSporter Coins. We still have no information about the price of the tokens or when will the sale happen.

60% of the total tokens will be sold during the ICO, 17% for the team (frozen by 2 years), 8% for bounties and advisors and 15% for customer rewards.

The AllSporter Team

The executive team of AllSporter is formed by Michal Polanowski (CEO), Adrian Holota (CTO), Piotr Lodzinski (CMO), Marat Azatjan (COO) and Mateus Pniewski (blockchain expert).

The main team working to build the platform has Mat Langoski (manager), Michael Majewski (UX/UI designer), Jan Radzikowski (data scientist), Iwona Smieszna (office operations), Pawel Urbaniak (customer sales) and Wiktor Wiszorowski (researcher).

The company also has business advisors like Simon Cocking, Jason Hung, Karol Sadaj, Arkadiusz Szczudlo, Ahmad Piraiee, Svein Rasmussen, Agata Mroczkowska, Marek Kirejczyk and Natalia Kirejczyk. The sports advisors are Steve Allen, Connor Baxter, Pawel Hlavaty, Darek Krol and Casper Bouman.

The AllSporter Conclusion

The main drawback of this company is the lack of information about its ICO. It looks like a solid platform that does not try to reinvent the wheel, but to use the current technology to create something interesting, though.

Our best advice would be for you to wait until more information about the ICO is released, but we are inclined to have a positive impression of this company.


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