Allstocks network is a global stock exchange that lets an interface for major stock markets and brokers available globally. Today, technology is undergoing a major innovation that affects daily lives. One such major change is the blockchain and crypto.

The Allstocks Account will aim to revolutionize the trading via the use of crypto supported by financial assets. The network will allow traders to trade in financial assets such as bonds and many others via the blockchain.

Stakeholders will trade using an ERC20 compatible token and the assets will be held in the Escrow account. Allstocks is going to bring flexibility and ease to handling transactions at a minimal fee.

How Allstocks Works?

In the platform, the tokens are issued, which represent financial assets, which you purchase. The tokens are held in the escrow account. They can be liquefied at any time that you wish. They are ERC20 compliant, which means that they can be traded anywhere on any exchange. This will minimize the fees from brokers and other intermediaries. These tokens may be exchanged on the Allstocks platform for EUR, USD, and others.

Features of Allstocks Network

Crypto Exchange

The blockchain will be the main intermediary, which will lower costs. Digital Wallets will make it possible to conduct transactions in crypto and make it possible to convert into local fiat.


Token holders will hold their respective value in comparison to backup assets as well as help in liquefaction of assets with time via this unique feature.

Cryptocurrency Tethered Tokens

CTTS are asset-backed tokens that will support all fiat and other financial instruments.

Escrow Account

Every financial asset of stakeholders will be held in escrow accounts. Escrow accounts offer compatibility, trust, and transparency for the users.

CTT smart contracts

CTTs will be issued as smart contracts, which facilitate the transaction of the tokens.

API Interface

It will make it possible for stakeholders to convert their currencies into the local currency without incurring transaction fees.

Allstocks or AST tokens

These tokens will allow the digital exchange of the assets and other monetary instruments globally with the ease of the exchange and transfer anytime in fiat currency.

Ethereum Platform

It will provide flexibility and ease for the stakeholder for all transactions and investments.

The Role of Allstocks in the Global Market

Allstocks will allow stakeholders to invest in stable assets globally with the help of crypto. The platform will assist investors in any part of the world to hold assets and trade without the usual barriers of international trading.

These ERC20 compatible tokens will make it possible for users to trade in any crypto exchange in the world. It is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and will not need to be regulated by third parties. There is also a stable exchange that will allow users to trade many financial assets.

Token Sale Summary

Token Ticker: AST

Price at Pre-ICO: 1 AST=0.0016 ETH

Price at Main ICO: 1 AST=0.002 ETH

MVP: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepted Currencies: ETH

Minimum Investment: 50 AST

Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Country: Israel

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