As well all know by now, the future of finance and trading is currently in a volatile place, and many experts predict that the current economy system has the potential to be completely transformed and dominated by blockchain technologies in the coming years. Via the use of traceable global currencies (cryptocurrencies), there is a big possibility that people all across the globe will start to shift from conventional payment mediums to crypto based platforms. However, to pitch such ‘blockchain based products’ to the masses, it is important to present the details in an orderly yet concise manner.

What Is Almora Offering?

Almora can be thought of as a company that offers its customers with ‘Tailored ICO solutions’. It handles all the primary aspects of our blockchain product from its concept creation, to token economics, to looking at the legal side of things. The team at Almora is comprised of experts who are there to help execute our “ICO with the best launch plan and services possible”.

According to the official website, Almora works with its clients all through the ICO journey, right form the conceptualization of the idea, to the launch. As a result of this, the entire process can be handled in a sustainable fashion, without clients having to suffer large unseen variables like added costs etc. Lastly, Amora claims that they have helped various independent companies raise $46,000,000 in the past couple of years.

What Exactly Am I Getting In This Deal?

Almora takes care of all of our ICO needs including:

(i) Product Conceptualization: in this phase, the experts at Almora help us carve out a clear roadmap that is based upon well researched factors such as

  • Currently Used Business Ideas
  • Tokenomics
  • Tech Architecture
  • Latest Branding & Marketing Strategies.

(ii) ICO Launch: the company helps us get ready for the ICO launch by fully designing aspects such as Token development, writing out the legalities of things and developing a technical architecture to back our project. Not only that, Almora also looks to actively build/ promote our brand by managing PR and using digital marketing strategies to increase our customer outreach potential.

(iii) Regular Assistance: even after the successful launch of the ICO, Almora assists us with future product building so as to continually expand our customer base. By improving our market visibility, the company helps bring in more investors from different cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Other Important Details To Remember

Apart from all of the data mentioned above, Almora also works to maximize the quality its products by actively using tools and workflows that best fit individual projects, so as to meet their specific needs. For example, the creation of the ‘initial concept’ and ‘branding’ are all done by keeping important market research data in mind. This is done in order to ensure product success and maximal visibility. Lastly, the members of Almora have been in this field for over 10 years and possess professional expertise over cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and Hashgraph.

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