AlpenCoin is a digital token that lets you participate in the German e-commerce economy. Find out how AlpenCoin works today in our review.

What Is AlpenCoin?

AlpenCoin, found online at, is a digital token that bases its value on the performance of German e-commerce websites.

Specifically, the AlpenCoin token represents revenue generated by three German online platforms, including an event booking website, a real estate listing site, and a mobile/website generation platform. Two of these platforms are currently online and have been successfully operating for 2+ years, generating 7 figures of profit for the company.

The final platform will launch after the crowdsale is complete. In addition, the two currently-operating platforms will launch internationally after the crowdsale.

The AlpenCoin ICO began in mid-August.

How Does AlpenCoin Work?

Over the past few years, the creators of AlpenCoin have created various e-commerce platforms. These platforms are now ready to enter the market. The next big step is to take these projects online and make them known internationally.

AlpenCoin’s e-commerce platforms aren’t totally unproven. The company claims to have generated a seven figure profit in 2016.

To prepare the platforms for worldwide launch, AlpenCoin began its token sale on August 12. AlpenCoin allows token holders to purchase an ownership share of all company platforms. Once the sales phase is over, you will be paid your monthly share of the platform’s profits.

Interestingly, the company specifically claims that “you can not make a loss.” It’s unclear if that means the value of the token is guaranteed, or if it means they’re not deducting losses from your token holdings.

After the ICO is complete in mid-September, all AlpenCoin projects will go online. The company will use the earnings from the token sale to launch an international marketing campaign. You receive your share of the profit every month in BTC paid into your wallet. You can resell your AlpenCoins at any time.

Revenues created from AlpenCoin will be put towards further marketing and advertising with the goal of reaching an international audience.

AlpenCoin’s Portfolio

AlpenCoin plans to make money through its portfolio of online companies. The whitepaper (which is just five pages long) identifies three of those companies, including each of the following:


EVAC is an online platform that makes it easy to book event locations. It has features like extensive search functionality and filtering. The platform is focused on direct, B2B-focused online location booking. The platform is not yet online, but will go online immediately after the completion of the crowdsale. The platform will also implement blockchain technology starting in 2018. The blockchain will be used to map all processes – from booking to payment – between the owner, the renter, and the EVACE platform. GmbH GmbH is an online real estate portal targeted towards property owners and real estate agents. The goal of the platform is to recommend a real estate agent to property owners who want to rent or sell their property. That real estate agent will take over the settlement and provide other real estate transaction services. Maklermeile’s platforms have been active and successful in Germany since launching in June 2015. After the crowdsale, the platform will launch internationally.

Omni360 Software Services GmbH

Omni360 Software Services has been operating since 2013 under the name Omnimakler360 GmbH. In June 2016, Omni360 Software Services GmbH took over all of the company’s assets. There are two divisions to the company, including one division that runs automatically-generated mobile websites and interface tools as software as a service (SaaS). The other division is a website builder named WIBDO.

Who’s Behind AlpenCoin?

AlpenCoin was launched by a company named ML Invest GmbH. That company claims to build and participate in software and internet companies, focusing on the objectives of value creation, scaling effects, and profitability.

The company, on the official website, claims that its “team of developers and designers is certainly one of the best!” Key members of the team include Maximilian Lecker, who studied business administration and has several years of experience in the venture capital industry. There’s also Florian Rickers, who has worked successfully in global technology sales.

ML Invest and AlpenCoin are based in Munich, Germany.

The AlpenCoin ICO

AlpenCoin’s ICO launched in the middle of August and is currently ongoing. The company is accepting investments with a minimum of 0.05 ETH. You can view the ETH address.

1 AlpenCoin is worth 0.001 ETH. So far, the project is 45% funded. 42% of that funding has come from professional investors, while 3% has come from the crowdfunding initiative.

AlpenCoin Conclusion

AlpenCoin is a unique initiative that involves buying tokens representing a stake in German e-commerce websites. Those e-commerce websites – which include a real estate platform and a venue booking platform – are not based on blockchain technology. However, the venue booking platform is scheduled to migrate to blockchain technology in 2018.

The Munich, Germany-based company claims to have earned 7 figures in profits from its projects in 2016 because several of the platforms are currently online. Meanwhile, funds raised through the ICO will be put towards future marketing and development of the platform – including marketing that will be targeted at an international audience.

The AlpenCoin ICO is ongoing as we speak. You can learn more about the ICO and the AlpenCoin project by visiting the company online at

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  1. Alpencoin was a scam. Their website is offline, they never sent tokens and there is no answer by email or social media… SCAM Alert


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