Alpha Cash

Alpha Cash, found online at, is a Russian-language cryptocurrency investment platform. Find out how Alpha Cash works today in our review.

What Is Alpha Cash?

Alpha Cash describes itself as “a team of professionals from various fields who have teamed up together to create the best crypto-exchange platform.”

The exchange is currently a Russian language-exclusive website. The main company website is found at, and you can view the exchange at (the exchange is launching at the end of August).

Alpha Cash is a hybrid between an exchange and a wallet. Investors can deposit money into the platform, then watch their money grow over time. The platform claims to offer stable, high yields “due to the formation of a diversified and decentralized investment pool.”

There are four specific Alpha Cash products and services, including a trading exchange, a service exchange, exchange arbitration, and ICOs. It appears the company will invest in ICOs on behalf of clients, offer a trading exchange, offer investment services, and participate in exchange arbitration. Overall, the site has minimal information about how the investment works or how it plans to make money.

Alpha Cash Features

Overall, the Alpha Cash website is short on information. There isn’t much info about how the pool works, or what the company invests in – aside from the broad world of cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the platform advertises all of the following features:

  • Participate in one of the year’s biggest investment trends
  • Enjoy high profitability
  • Flexible entry levels (minimum deposit is $10)
  • “Low risks” because Alpha Cash uses four different products, including trading, a service exchange, ICOs, and exchange arbitration; “The exchange service eliminates risks completely, and ICO in the long term can give more than 10,000%” explains the official website.
  • Invest in the top 5 largest and most popular cryptocurrency by market cap

Thanks to the features above, Alpha Cash promises to offer investors high profitability with minimal risk. Typically, when someone tells you about an investment with high profitability and no risk, that means you’re being scammed – especially when they’re talking about the world of cryptocurrency. However, you may want to give Alpha Cash the benefit of the doubt for now – at least until the exchange fully launches at the end of August.

Who’s Behind Alpha Cash?

Alpha Cash is registered in Hong Kong. However, the company’s main office appears to be in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The address listed on the Alpha Cash website is the address of a hotel called Vysotsky Hotel in Yekaterinburg.

You can get in touch with the developers by email at [email protected] Aside from that, there’s no information about the management team or executive team available online. It’s unclear who is running the company, or how they’re qualified to make investment decisions.

Alpha Cash Conclusion

Alpha Cash is a Russian language website that prominently advertises the investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency world. The website claims to offer four products and services, including an exchange, investment services, arbitrage opportunities, and ICO participation. Overall, there’s limited information about how the platform works – although to be fair, the platform will not officially launch until the end of August, so more information may be available in the near future.

Nevertheless, Alpha Cash says some suspicious things about investing: it promises to offer investors high profitability with no risk. Typically, when an investment platform mentions something like this, it means you’re being scammed. Wait for more information to appear online before you give money to Alpha Cash.

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  1. Alpha Cash is HYIP without hype! Another scam project by the Questra owners Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk. Actually if you have a closer look you discover how much it’s close to ill-famed Questra – technically and even visually. They offer absolutely enormous for the market rewards and have typical for Ponzi scheme “grades” or “ranks” structure. Be aware and stay away!

  2. I´ll never invest in such an investment plan.

    Alpha Cash Investment Plans – they offer 10-15% per month starting from $10 deposit, and 200% profit a year!
    (Presumably I’ll have give them $30000 for 360 days, LOL – utter scam!)

    Also it’s obviously connected with MMGP

    All people who believe in these promises belong to psychiatry!

  3. Recieved no refback from them!!!
    Registered in Hong Kong and have no offices in the EU to have a talk with someone, who is in charge for it personally!!!
    Scam!!! Stay away from dealing with them!!!

  4. Alpha Cash offers absolutely enormous income without revealing their portfolio and the promised income is much higher than let’s say the US treasuries)). There’s even no any rules or regulations on their site! But what’s even more important Alpha Cash is said to be one of the next scam “projects” Alex Prochukhan’s and Cheslav Pestyuk’s of ill-famed Questa, which was blacklisted by the most of the EU financial regulators.

  5. I had a failed transaction nearly 1.0 ETH . I have been in contact with them for a month now and all they keep telling me to do is to send text and then when i send a text they tell me to send screen shots , when i send screen shots they tell me to send text. I would never recommend using this exchange. They have literally stolen my money. Please be aware of this exchange. This is not FUD this is the honest to god truth!


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