Alpha Release Of Light, Decentralized Parity Fether Ethereum Wallet Out

Parity Technologies, who aim to be the pioneers in Web 3.0 by developing blockchain infrastructure for the decentralized web just announced the alpha release of their Ethereum wallet deemed Parity Fether.

Through the Parity Ethereum light client, the wallet can be used to access the blockchain in a decentralized way. It allows its customers to make Ethereum accounts as well as receive and send Ether and ERC20 tokens in just a few clicks. Through this, they make a path for developers to rope in light clients in their apps rather than relying on centralized nodes to access the Ethereum blockchain.

By default, Parity Fether alpha runs on the Kovan test network. Users can obtain free Kovan Ether by posting their address in the Kovan Faucet Gitter channel. Fether will download and launch Parity Ethereum node at startup if it’s not found on the user’s computer. One can also separately launch their Ethereum client, Fether will automatically connect to it.

The wallet connects to the light node using @parity/light.js, a Javascript library specifically crafted for wallets to connect with light clients. It is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause, and can be used for all Ethereum needs. It is specifically made to develop front-end applications that interact with light clients.

Since the code hasn’t been audited yet, the wallet recommends to not use Parity Fether on the Ethereum mainnet or use it for anything other than test usage. Upcoming releases of Fether will focus on stability and user experience improvements, including adding BIP39 seed phrase support.

Parity Fether is an open-sourced project which can be found on GitHub.

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