ABCC claims to be the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t charge a transaction fee. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is AlphaBit Cryptocurrency Exchange (ABCC)?

ABCC, found online at, is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange announced in April 2018. ABCC is an acronym for AlphaBit CryptoCurrency. The exchange is based in Singapore.

The exchange is launching with a unique promise: it claims to be the world’s first zero transaction fee cryptocurrency exchange.

Typically, on a cryptocurrency exchange, you’ll pay a trading fee when making or taking a trade. The fee ranges from 0.1% to 0.5%. On ABCC, meanwhile, traders will pay no fees.

The exchange launched its invite-only beta on April 9. The public can sign up for the exchange starting on April 28.

How Does ABCC Zero Fee Trading Work?

ABCC was created with the goal of opening an open, frictionless, and participatory ecosystem where users can trade cryptocurrencies. ABCC also wants to make it easy for investors to identify valuable blockchain assets. The exchange will have an online trading platform complete with professional trading services.

ABCC expects its zero-commission fee trading model will attract new cryptocurrency traders and veteran traders alike.

Like most new exchanges, ABCC will primarily focus on large cap cryptocurrencies. The goal is to offer trading in the most popular cryptocurrencies before branching out into more alternative cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately, there’s limited information about ABCC available online at this time. Right now, the exchange is in the invite-only stages of launch. However, users can expect to enjoy genuine zero-fee trading across all major cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, ABCC will emphasize an easy UI, secure fund storage, and a seamless trading experience. Eventually, the exchange also seems to plan on launching financial services – including investing services.

It’s unclear if ABCC will launch its own utility token – like an exchange-based token you can use to get a discount on certain fees or to access certain services.

ABCC Promotional Offers

ABCC doesn’t charge any trading fees. Starting from the public launch on April 28, ABCC will not charge users any trading fees.

It’s unclear if this zero fee structure will stay in place forever. It’s also unclear if ABCC will charge fees on deposits or withdrawals. Some exchanges entice customers with cheap trading fees only to hit users with high withdrawal and deposit fees.

ABCC has another promotional offer where they’re giving away bitcoin for free. You can register for the exchange today, then get the chance to receive 0.001 BTC in your ABCC account. That money will be spendable anytime after April 28. The offer is open to anyone who deposits any money into the ABCC platform before May 5.

Who’s Behind ABCC?

ABCC was launched by Singaporean entrepreneur Calvin Cheng. Cheng is a former member of parliament in Singapore. He’s also known for launching online learning platforms like Retech on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2017. Plus, Cheng is a senior advisor to Dragon Blockchain Investment Fund, a leading blockchain investment fund.

The AlphaBit CryptoCurrency (ABCC) exchange team consists of 20+ core members with backgrounds in internet businesses, finance, media, fashion, and business consulting.

AlphaBit Cryptocurrency Exchange Conclusion

AlphaBit CryptoCurrency exchange, or ABCC, is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange launching with a zero trading fee system.

As of mid-April, there’s limited information about the exchange available online. We’re not sure if they charge deposit or withdrawal fees, for example, or if it’s genuinely free to make all types of trades, deposits, and withdrawals on the platform. Stay tuned for more information about the exchange to appear online as we get closer to launch.

To learn more about ABCC and how it works, visit online today at The exchange is holding promotional offers throughout April in preparation for the April 28 launch. Starting on April 28, they’ll offer cryptocurrency trading with zero commission fees.

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  1. The ABCC exchange performance has exceeded all expectations, the traded volume would be close to 1bil USD, it will be soon within the TOP 10 exchanges as the concept and fee policy attract many traders. The genesis mining group is closed already – it has been filled almost immediately after opening but mining would be opened 12th July for other traders as well, this is great opportunity to jump in at the very beginning.

  2. false advertisement, trades are charged from .1- .2% depending on buying or selling as of today. crap selection, crap volume and crappy lies.


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