Alphacat ICO (ACAT Token)

Alphacat is a robot advisor marketplace based on artificial intelligence and big data. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Alphacat?

Alphacat claims to be the world’s first quantitative investment platform for cryptocurrencies.

The platform consists of a marketplace for predictive robots. The robots rely on AI and big data to make intelligent predictions on future price movements in the cryptocurrency space.

Alphacat was built with the NEO blockchain protocol.

The name of the company comes from the word “Alpha”, which refers to excess returns in the financial sector, as well as the acronym “CAT”, which stands for Computer Aided Trading.

How Does Alphacat Work?

The goal of Alphacat is to make it easy for the average person to invest and achieve good investment performance. With that in mind, Alphacat is offering the world’s first robot advisor marketplace focused on cryptocurrencies.

That marketplace will connect two participants together, including:

  • Engineers and architects that create financial trading algorithms
  • Users willing to purchase those algorithms

Transactions on the platform will be governed using ACAT tokens. Users can pay ACAT tokens in exchange for subscribing to and distribution the inventions of architects and engineers. The engineers who create the algorithms can set a specific number of tokens required to use the service.

What Problems Does Alphacat Seek To Solve?

Some of the problems mentioned in the Alphacat whitepaper include:

  • Robots are better at trading than humans; an AI algorithm that runs 24 hours a day and can analyze massive amounts of data will make better decisions than a human trader (and at a lower cost)
  • The quantitative investment industry is exploding with growth, but ordinary investors struggle to enjoy the benefits of this technology
  • Those who create the technology also cannot reap the rewards; someone might create an amazing algorithm while working for a large financial institution, a bank, or a fund, but they cannot promote their inventions for individual profit
  • There’s a gap between cryptocurrency investing and modern financial technologies; there’s no institute focusing on the application of financial technology in digital currency management and investment

How Do Alphacat Tokens Work?

Alphacat tokens are listed under the symbol ACAT. This will be the currency used for many transaction and use cases on the platform, including:

  • Architects and engineers will be required to stake ACAT tokens in order to publish their own inventions and research results on the platform
  • Architects and engineers will obtain ACAT tokens as a reward after the users use their research results based on performance; the more the research results are accessed, the larger number of ACAT tokens they’ll receive
  • Architects can stake ACAT tokens to open up opportunities for engineers to develop their strategies
  • Architects and engineers can pay for related development tools using ACAT tokens
  • Surveyors (professional investors) will pay ACAT tokens in exchange for subscribing to and distributing the inventions of architects and engineers
  • Ordinary investors can pay different amounts of ACAT tokens for different services on the platform

Let’s say an engineer releases a forecast investment tool based on the probability of the rise and fall of BTC and ETH. Ordinary investors can complete the trading of that investment strategy by pressing on a single button (assuming they’ve already subscribed to the tool).

Architects and engineers (the individuals that develop tools) can also set a certain number of tokens required to use the tool. The tokens are staked while the user is subscribed to the tool.

Furthermore, Alphacat will have a fund that regularly rewards ACAT tokens to the best architects and engineers based on the accuracy and consistency of their performance over time.

Who’s Behind Alphacat?

Alphacat claims to have already received investments from 20 institutional and individual investors, including NEO, Onchain, PreAngel, Next Blockchain Capital, ChainFunder, NodeCapital, and more.

The team itself includes a group of experienced Wall Street traders combined with former Google artificial intelligence specialists.

Alphacat’s founder, Dr. Li Bin, earned a PhD in physics from New York University. He has 21 years of experience in the financial industry, specializing in quantitative investment trading on Wall Street. He previously served as Vice President of Merrill Lynch. He was also the Executive Director / Head of Quantitative Trading Strategies Group at UBS and Chairman and CEO at In 2000, Dr. Bin founded in Hong Kong along with other founding partners. Today, it’s the most successful financial website in Hong Kong.

The rest of the team consists of 30+ experts with advanced degrees in AI, machine learning, finance technology, big data, and blockchain. Other listed members of the team include Mary Ma (Co-Founder and COO), Dr. Alex Hou (Partner and Director of Risk Management), and Dr. Yue Wang (Chief R&D Engineer).

The Alphacat ICO (ACAT Token) Details

Alphacat is selling a portion of its ACAT tokens during its ICO. A total of 6,250,000,000 ACAT tokens will be issued, with 2.5 billion available during the ICO.

40% of tokens are available during the token sale. 15% are available for the Alphacat team, 10% for Alphacat early investors, and 35% in a reserve fund where they’ll be held for future supply to the Alphacat platform.

Alphacat ICO (ACAT Token) Conclusion

Alphacat aims to create a decentralized marketplace for robot advisors. That marketplace will connect developers directly with users who want to pay for cryptocurrency trading robots. Overall, Alphacat aims to be the world’s first robot advisor marketplace focused on cryptocurrencies.

To learn more about Alphacat and how it works, visit online today at

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