Alphacoin is a cryptocurrency that quickly and automatically generates profits for investors who use the Alpha trading platform.  On the Alpha platform, it’s said that profits are guaranteed and in most cases are pre-determined.  Their ICO is slated to run between 12th Jan 2018  and 16th Feb 2018 where a total 100million Alphacoins will be sold over a period of 35 days.

AlphaCoin Business Model

Basically, Alphacoin is traded on a platform where an investor is guaranteed and automatically generated. The platform allows a user who’s holding Alphacoin to trade it against another currency –Betacoin. The prices are set to fluctuate every 6 hours in that 1.05 alpha / 1.0 beta 1.05 beta / 1.0 alpha .95 alpha / 1.0 beta .95 beta / 1.0 alpha.

Why Buy AlphaCoin ?

  • Each profit guarantees you a minimum profit of 4%
  • Prices change every 6 hours i.e 4 times a day
  • The earning potential for each day is above 20%
  • One is guaranteed of the profits
  • Cashing out is easy using bitcoin, ether or even the Alpha debit card
  • The Alpha Trading Platform is user friendly even for beginners in cryptocurrency
  • The user’s privacy and security is top priority and the platform always ensures that anonymity is maintained
  • Convenient to use from whichever part of the globe one is
  • The profit making system is automated which allows the user to generate profits by trading against the betacoin.

AlphaCoin ALP ICO Timeline

The launch of the ICO is 12th January 2018 where 100 million coins will be up for grabs. For the first round, the price per coin is 0.16$ which will be doubled every week until the ICO is completed. According to the founders, when the Alphacoin is released, it will be at $6.

The funds that will raised during the ICO will be distributed in the following way:

-70% will go to development

-10% will go to maintenance

-15% will be dedicated to marketing and advertisement

-5% to team

AlphaCoin Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Roadmap

  • -12th January 2018: ICO 1st round @ $0.16
  • -19th January 2018: ICO 2nd round @ $0.32
  • -26th January 2018:ICO 3rd  round @ $0.64
  • -2nd February 2018: ICO 4th round @$ 1.28
  • -16th February 2018: Official release of the coin
  • -23rd February 2018 : Official launch of the website and the app
  • -2nd March 2018 : Release of the trading platform
  • -Q2 2018 : Release of Alpha coin debit cards
  • -Q2 2018 : Opening of headquarters at Sydney
  • -Q3 2018: Instant technology that’s automated
  • -Q4 2018 : 1st global event related to Alphacoin

Should I Invest In AlphaCoin?

Well, since crytpocurrency has been one of the most innovative technological advancement since the onset of the internet, it’s safe to bet on most of these coins. The Alphacoin provides a great opportunity to make profits with a steasy rise in value. The team that is behind Alphacoin has vast experience on the Blockchain technology. Backed by a fully automated profit generating system, only time will tell how well the Alphacoin performs in the crypto space.

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