In a nutshell, decentralized exchanges seem to be on the rise with their centralized counterparts facing significant challenges. Their peer-to-peer capability allows buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies to directly trade back and forth with other interested parties.

Essentially, such innovations are setting the pace in revolutionizing how we trade our digital assets. ALTCashier is one such exchange, and apparently, their service could allow users to set their price and even decide what payment methods to use. Here's more on how the exchange will bear a decentralized structure for the trading of alternatives to Bitcoin

What Is AltCashier?

ALTCashier is peer-to-peer altcoins exchange platform that prides of having one of the world's most significant decentralized exchange service built for both fiat and altcoins. Under their order book exchange platform, ALTCashier seeks to give priority to a majority of the cryptocurrencies while also opening up the altcoins trading for cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Additionally, the ALTCashier will hope to become the first exchange to provide an integrated telegram bot that allows users to trade through it.

What Does AltCashier Seeks To Solve?

Although there are plenty of exchanges for cryptocurrencies, there is no denying that Bitcoin and a few of the significant altcoins. While the leaving the rest of the altcoins may be due to security reasons, there is still a loss of market value for the apparent holders. However, ALTCashier will provide the necessary support to enable users to exchange their altcoins for more popular alternatives. That will be achievable through

AltCashier P2P Altcoin Exchange Pros

  • A match-making feature to allow users to search altcoins buyers or sellers based on the altcoins type, country, and fiat currency.
  • A rating and reviews system that ranks buyers and sellers enabling them to trade
  • Support chat for the altcoins traders that is available through group chat
  • A secure escrow service which allows due diligence in the trades
  • Secure channels for transacting and improving the user's trading experience regarding data integrity.
  • A unique order book exchange that allows for altcoins trade setting.

AltCashier ALTCX Token ICO Details


  • Dates: 10.06.2018 – 10.07.2018
  • Tokens- 7450000
  • Payment mode- BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH
  • Period- 30 days
  • Token sale bonus- 15%
  • Referral bonus- 5%
  • Price per token- $0.15

ICO Phase 1

  • Tokens- 2480000
  • Payment mode- BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH
  • Period- 20 days
  • Token sale bonus- 5%
  • Referral bonus- 3%
  • Price per token- $0.18

ICO Phase 2

  • Tokens- 2480000
  • Payment mode- BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH
  • Period- 10 days
  • Referral bonus- 1%
  • Price per token- $0.20

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol- ALTCX
  • Platform- WAVES
  • Model- WAVES
  • Token supply- 12,410,000
  • Available for sale- 73%
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH,DASH, LTC, BCH
  • Price rate- 1 ALTCX= $0.15
  • Market cap- 17,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Crow sales- 73%
  • Bonus and bounty- 10%
  • Future expansion- 10%
  • Founders and team- 5%
  • Advisors' compensation- 2%

ALTCashier Conclusion

Although decentralized exchanges are becoming popular, there is still an adequate potential risk that needs to be addressed before we can officially declare them viable for use. The case is no different with ALTCashier, and the best advice remains to steer clear no matter how enticing they seem. However, with adequate trading experience, P2P exchanges such as ALTCashier could help diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.

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