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It is becoming increasingly clear that with the rise of digital currencies all over the globe, the number of fake crypto services being circulated on the web are also increasing. For example, MLM and HYIP schemes have flooded the market in recent months, claiming to deliver customers with unrealistic returns and profit margins.

Most of them are quick money grab scams, and once they have gathered a substantial sum of money, the owners quickly make their getaway.

About Altcoin Trends

Altcoins Trends has been described as a “automated trading system” that allows users to make large profits on a near daily basis. The platform has allegedly been designed by someone called Andrew Frost, who the website claims is an expert in the field of crypto technology.

However, when we did our research, we could not find any traces of such an individual. From the get go, this whole operation reeks of suspicious activity. To start of with, we can see that traders are promised thousands of dollars in daily profits. This claim is however completely unsubstantiated, and there is no information regarding how AltCoin Trends aims to achieve such a lofty goal.

From a functional aspect, there is nothing new about the interface. It uses the same design and operational scheme as hundreds of other fraudulent investment tools that can be found online. In addition to this, all of the claims that have been made by the company, in which they say that AltCoin Trends uses the “latest algorithms” are completely baseless and have no factual grounding.

Some Aspects To Be Wary Of

Unrealistic Returns

Strewn all across the website are claims of Altcoin Trends delivering users with daily profits ranging from $1000 – $4000. This figure is not only exaggerated, but is also not backed by any evidence or data.

Poor Design

In some cases of fraud it an be hard to detect any discrepancies due to the impeccable design of the website. However, in the case of AltCoin Trends, we can see that the general outlay of the service is shoddy and poorly done. Even the headers and colour scheme that has been used seems to reflect poor execution on behalf of the developers.

Fake Information

When looking at the videos present on the official company website, we are given the impression that this setup is legitimate, and is headed by a person called Andrew Frost. However, this data cannot be verified, and we could not find any company registered under the name of Altcoin Trends online.

No Relevant Data Provided

Not only is there no information about the company’s CEO on the website, there are no details of any other team members who we can get in touch with to further discuss the workings of this platform.

Other Important Details To Consider

No Clear Information:

All of the details regarding this software are quite sketchy and incomplete. Rather than telling us how this system works, we are simply told over and over again that AltCoin Trends can help us make a lot of money.

Stock Photos + Fake Identities:

There are many testimonials that have been displayed on the official company website. However, the people who have written these reviews, are not real. The web developer has used stock images that can be found on the web, and then passed them off as real people who claim to have made profits through the use of Altcoin Trends.

Fake Payout Scheme:

There are many inaccurate returns that have been displayed on the official web page. This is because, the entry numbers don't match the ones that are expected to be obtained mathematically. Not only that, there are no “Entry or Expiry” rates that have been displayed on the site.

AltCoin Trends Conclusion

In recent months we have seen all to many scams such as this one pop up on the web. Thus, as a word of caution, users are advised to stay clear of Altcoin Trends. If people are looking for similar investment platforms, they can find more legitimate projects, that are not only verified by the crypto community at large, but have been around for a long time.

As a rule of thumb, users should remember that any project that does not disclose the identity of their core team, should be viewed with a little bit of suspicion.

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