Altcoins Hour

Due to the rising popularity of cloud mining, scammers are taking advantage. High yield investment programs are coming fast and thick. Among them is Altcoins Hour, a company that fronts itself as a game changer in the altcoins industry, yet information about it is scarce on the web. Besides its website, we struggled to find any information regarding their services.

What Is Altcoins Hour?

Like its name suggests, Altcoins Hour is a high yield investment program that primarily focuses on alternative digital currencies rather than the bigwigs such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and so on. This project is a product of a group of hedge fund quant investors. Their preference for altcoins is driven by the promising nature of the currencies, as their market capitalization is closing in on the $1 trillion milestone. The company has its head office in 5 Broadgate, London EC2M 2Q.

The ‘success’ of Altcoins Hour is massively ascribed to their exceptional AltGo expert system, which utilizes machine learning techniques to analyses, predict and capitalize on the prevailing market trends regarding altcoins. AltGo extracts profits from exchanges around the world on a daily basis, since it is a high frequency trading system. Furthermore, its unique long and short robotics enable it to continue making profits even when market values are under constant fluctuations.

At the bottom of the about us page, an image of a registration certificate is conspicuous. This is rather dubious, as it is unusual of companies to share such information on their internet pages; is it an attempt to gain legitimacy?

Altcoins Hour Investment Trading Features And Plans

Altcoins hour claims that its AI can guarantee users of perpetual profit. This is certainly far-fetched, given the ups and downs in market value of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the profits margins are unrealistic, with the rates ranging from 2.6% to as much as 10.4% on an hourly basis! Surely, that is out of this world.

Is Altcoins Hour A Trustworthy Institution?

As of now, no formal or known-of complaint has been lodged against this firm. Nonetheless, investors should be wary of this project, primarily due to the lack of information about beyond its own website. The unrealistic plans, total revenue and return margins further fuel the speculation that something fishy is cooking behind the scenes. Maybe it is a time bomb waiting to explode. Well, let’s wait and watch.

Our advice; keep a distance from the operations of this company, until they are proven to be legit. They are probably here to collect your hard earned cash and then disappear!

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