Altindex is the world’s first token fund index designed for the cryptocurrency market, which automatically monitors the token market as a whole. It aims at providing the cryptocurrency investor with a wide exposure in token market and a highly diversified and secure portfolio.

Altindex uses ADEX as its token, which is an ERC20 based on the Ethereum blockchain. The value of a single ADEX is equal to 20 of the best token of the moment by real market capitalization. As the top 20 tokens are always changing, Altindex ensures that it stays updated by balancing the index periodically, which means that every week the parameters are always updated and from the results, tokens are either bought or sold.

How Does Altindex Work?

The annual operating fee of Altindex is 0.5% compared to the 3% in the conventional market. This is possible due to the blockchain technology and the hybrid fund that it offers. The Altindex fund is meant for long-term investors; however, owners of the ADEX can liquidate whenever they require doing so and exchanging them for the proportional participation of the net present value.

To ensure that the ADEX token does not fall below the net present value of the index fund, Altindex uses the smart contract, which always ensures that the price of the ADEX is higher than the net present value and never lower. Currently, there is a total supply of 12,000,000 ADEX token, 10,800,000 of which are available for purchase by investors. The price per token during the ICO ranges between $1.05 and $1.15 while the prices Presale for up to 150,000 tokens ranges from $0.90 to $0.95.

Why Invest Using ALTINDEX?

Currently, there are thousands of token available in the cryptocurrency market. Choosing one particular token could be tiresome, time wasting, and costly. As Altindex is automated, it will automatically carry out the buying and selling of the top 20 tokens of the moment on behalf of the owner without them having to be worried about possessing the necessary skill and knowledge that the market might require.

Ease Of Liquidity

The ADEX owners can liquidate their token by ETH at any time through the platform, as no authorization is required for withdrawal of tokens because smart contract executes the order automatically.

Low Rates

Altindex annual fees are 0.5%, which is much lower, compared to the standard rate of 3% in the market.


The smart contract used by ADEX provides security to the investors as it ensures that the prices are new lower than the net assets values.


The platform allows the investors to trace where the currencies in the fund are kept and be able to track the value of the underlying assets. This ensures transparency between the investors and the company.


The platform has the freedom to act independently as the index funds do not depend on human managers for active trading.

Experienced Team

Altindex is designed by experts and automated by the CRIX team (CRiptocurrency IndeX), which ensures that the parameters of the index fund are well determined. It is also managed by an experienced team with skills ranging from banking and finance to operations management and this ensure that investor’s funds are well utilized.

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