ALTR Announces ALTRchain: Blockchain Data & Storage Security Software

The Release Of Blockchain Based Security Software By ALTR

ALTR, based in Texas, announced their release of the first commercial software package that will provide huge security benefits of blockchain. The new platform, deemed as being high performance and incredibly secure for both data access and storage.

Although using the word impossible could be risky, ALTR has determined that this high-level software is virtually impenetrable thus keeping critical information secure. Although they have been here before, ALTR states that their new approach to the fundamentals and shift in security has allows this release to be possible and like nothing anyone has seen before.

There have been multiple security breaches In the blockchain space, and so ALTR has stepped in with the blockchain based security software to put an end to it all.

The reportedly raised 15 million US dollars from both private and institutional investors in a variety of platforms including (but not limited to); cybersecurity, information technology, the financial service industries and Ronin Capital CEO John Stafford the third.

David Sikora, CEO of ALTR is a long-time software expert and a former executive member at Sratfor – the world’s leading developer in geopolitical intelligence. He is known for delivering the first internet software IPO in Texas and has held multiple leadership positives at Digby, Motive and Pervasive software.

David Sikora sums it up nicely with the statement we have a choice between change and breach’. He chose ‘change’, and the result was the release of the Blockchain Based Security described herein. Described has a complete solution to the constant threats of data breaches in the digital financial world.

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