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Altrade Global Coin is a bitcoin investment company that promises to help you get rich quick with high yield investment programs. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Altrade Global Coin?

Altrade Global Coin, found online at, is a pyramid scheme or HYIP scam that promises to pay you extraordinarily high interest rates for no apparent reason. The company will pay you 6% to 7% ROI per day, every day, guaranteed. No investment in the world can make a similar promise.

When somebody promises to pay you a higher ROI per day than most hedge funds make in a year, it’s a sure sign you’re being scammed.

Let’s take a closer look at how Altrade Global Coin works.

How Does Altrade Global Coin Work?

Altrade Global Coin is identical to many other bitcoin investment scams we’ve seen on the internet in recent weeks. The company has a UK corporation registration, a 3 level affiliate program, and “investment packages” that promise enormously high interest rates.

The scheme is designed to lure in people who have heard about the benefits of cryptocurrency investments – but don’t really know how to get started. These gullible investors give money to Altrade Global Coin with the belief that it will turn into more money.

Altrade Global Coin promises ROIs so high that they’re impossible to achieve. The company claims to pay users 6% per day, every day, for example, with no risk involved. The company will literally just take your money, hold it for 30 days, and give you 200% returns. It’s magic!

As you might expect, Altrade Global Coin has no evidence that it offers interest rates anywhere close to these amounts. As far as we can tell, the company will take your money, refuse to let you withdraw it, then shut down once it has collected enough investments from gullible users. Even if it does pay out, it will limit withdrawals to prevent the pyramid scheme from collapsing right away.

Altrade Global Coin “Investment Plans”

Altrade Global Coin offers three different “investment plans”. Basically, these are donations to the scam artist who’s running Altrade Global Coin – they’re certainly not investments.

  • Classic: 6% ROI per day for 30 days (minimum $20 USD investment)
  • Premium: 7% ROI per day for 30 days (minimum $150 investment)
  • Ultra: 0.35% ROI per hour for 360 hours (minimum $300 investment)

The Altrade Global Coin website even has a calculator that lets you see how much money you can make with its investment scheme. If someone is paying you 7% per day, then you can double your money every two weeks, which means you can turn a small investment into a million dollars in a very short period of time.

Ultimately, nobody is going to pay you 7% interest per day to borrow your money. Even if someone did have a cryptocurrency mining or trading scheme that was earning these types of returns, they wouldn’t be sharing it with the world.

Who’s Behind Altrade Global Coin?

We’ve seen a trend where bitcoin investment schemes all register as legitimate UK-based corporations with a fraudulent London-area address. Altrade Global Coin is no exception.

The UK corporation registration number for Altrade Global Coin is 10957382. Of course, just because someone has taken a few minutes to register as a corporation doesn’t mean that the website is legitimate. Altrade Global Coin is not a licensed investment firm, which means they can’t sell you investment packages.

The company also lists an address in London, although there’s no evidence they’re based at that address. Furthermore, the company refuses to give any information about its management team, its investment experience, or other info you like to see before giving a company your hard-earned money.

Altrade Global Coin Affiliate Program

Altrade Global Coin, like all good pyramid schemes, has an affiliate program that pays you to refer others to the platform. The platform pays you 6% on the first level and then 1% each on the second and third levels. The remaining funds get funneled to the top of the pyramid.

Conclusion: Is Altrade Global Coin A Scam?

All signs point towards Altrade Global Coin being a blatant scam. The company makes absurd promises about its ROIs and claims to double its investors’ money every 2 or 3 weeks – guaranteed. When someone makes a promise like this online, it’s a sure sign you’re being involved in some multilevel marketing scam or pyramid scheme.

Avoid Altrade Global Coin and be smarter with your money. Although it may look legitimate at first glance, this is a blatant bitcoin investment scam.

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