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Is Altumea the Future of Computing?

For any tech enthusiast, there is often debate on pitching GPU against CPU. However, I would concur that any individual involved in complex technical applications that need high computing power would prefer picking a GPU supply. The downside is with our current platform it is often hard to find genuine GPU power suppliers, and if you do, most of them end up being expensive.

That is because a majority of the supplier are companies that have a monopoly on the market. Thanks to the blockchain technology, you can now have the opportunity to purchase GPU power from a trusted supplier is a safe, secure and cheaper manner.

About Altumea

Altumea is a blockchain ecosystem that will include a decentralized platform that offers those with large-scale calculations to buy or sell their extra computing power to anyone who needs it. The project’s concept works on distributed computing that entails creating a supercomputer by joining the different power vendors to make a single power services provider.

Instead of those in need of better hardware to improve their computational operations, they would sign up and buy the power resources from someone. The inclusion of the idea to blockchain technology will help legitimize the trade and provide confidence in the trading operation due to the safety and security of the technology.

How the Platform Works

As a market for trading GPU power, Altumea will feature two sides: demand side and supply side. The demand side will comprise of cryptocurrency miners, gamers or anyone who has any GPU capacity for sale. If so you can quickly register as a seller and receive authentication to start selling.

For the supply side, it will primarily rely on the profession which requires high computational power for complex calculations. All of the market resources from the pricing to the supply will be under the control of the community and not within the hands of a monopoly or group of service providers. To purchase any power, the user will need to acquire the platform’s token, MEA.


The use of high GPU computing power has a broad category of applications. It is standard for complex calculations in engineering, mechanics and many other machinery industries that GPU is essential for accurate results.

Additionally, research programs can also benefit from Altumea’s platform. Most researchers do end up inconclusive in their work due to lack of affordable GPU power suppliers.

Who Can Join Altumea?

Luckily, the ICO does not enlist overrule any participant from taking part in the platform. However, their key focus is to form a community for people with high computing power to have a platform to share with those who would want to use it.

Most of the professions nowadays do rely on computing power for complex critical calculations, and this means the number of customers will build up in the long run. Be it engineers, scientist, artists or researchers, the number of people needing this kind of service are many.

Altumea MEA ITO Conclusion

There always comes a benefit with helping to connect people through the use of technology. In Altumea’s case, the provision of computing power can make a significant impact on the scientific progress on different fronts. If the project outlives its initial phase and picks up, more users could join it due to its cheap and convenient offers.

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