Though far from mainstream use, there is no denying that cryptocurrencies are continuing to mature with businesses and individuals looking to explore the opportunities that these innovations have to offer. While there is the talk of how digital currency could make payments efficient, there remains plenty of risks, especially with extreme volatility.

The AMALGAM ICO is en-route to eliminate these risks by providing a new standard for the cryptocurrency market through their very own token. Here's how the technological improvement within AMALGAM could mean better crypto adoption days are set to arrive.


AMALGAM is a blockchain company providing users with a digital asset and blockchain protocol as a move to increase the appreciation and adoption of the cryptocurrency market. The Amalgam venture will utilize a streamlined mode of exchange for users and enterprises looking to investing is a supremely safe and efficient platform.

Design Overview of AMALGAM

The AMALGAM platform consists of multiple solutions to help solve issues of security, arbitrary valuation and transaction timeframes. The blockchain-based solutions will include

  • Equal-weighted index: Amalgam's Index is equally weighted to ensure there is no rise of unsystematic risk events which grant less control over the digital assets and cryptocurrencies with large market capitalizations over assets. This gives the investors an actual exposure to the whole crypto market.
  • Zero knowledge proof implementation: The Amalgam blockchain protocol implements the Zero-knowledge proofs as a means of unparalleled data security. The security mechanism allows users to validate and approve transactions without having to reveal data.
  • Asset security: Amalgam also partners with token security and asset management venture, Corevault, to ensure each transaction takes place within the ShapeShift API. The process will allow for easy conversion between cryptocurrency and fiat currency that the user desires.
  • Regulatory compliance: Additionally, Amalgam wants to ensure that their cryptocurrency (Amalgam token) complies with the SEC standards

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How AMALGAM Is Different From Other Cryptocurrencies

The venture could benefit users in the following ways.

  • Extra encryption: By using the Zero-knowledge proofs protocol, there is assurance on the additional security and encryption of the transactional data
  • Real world application: The Amalgam token (AMG) has several user applications available for a variety of vendors and marketplace. Some of the different industry use cases include for hospitality, retail, real estate, and the entertainment sector.
  • Value appreciation: The Amalgam proprietary index safeguards the token value and additionally allow for its value to grow at an average of 9.2% weekly.
  • No price manipulation: The Amalgam token value is immune from price manipulation through the Smart Contracts that ensure no mass sell-offs or purchases.

Is AMALGAM the ultimately safe cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are particularly useful for cross-currency payments, and Amalgam's solution is an excellent suitor for such an application. Still, there are key risks to consider when using cryptocurrencies and Amalgam is no different. Therefore, there is no surety on whether the AMG token is safe to use or even invest.

Token Sale Details


  • Start- February 14, 2018
  • End- July 15, 2018


  • Start- July 30, 2018
  • End- August 18, 2018

Token information

  • Ticker- AMG
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Supply amount- 150,000,000 AMG
  • Hard cap- $75 million
  • Soft cap- $20 million

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