Amazix Crypto Communities To Benefit From Brandshield’s Enterprise Protection

Amazix Crypto Communities To Benefit From Brandshield’s Enterprise Protection

AmaZix, one of the leading community management and engagement firms that brings together crypto startups has decided to partner with BrandShield. BrandShield is an AI powered cyber intelligence company that combats virtual product cheats and exploitation.

This partnership will go a long way in ensuring that AmaZix’s clients get assistance from an added stratum of fortification from BrandShield’s technology, which is AI-powered. To achieve this, AmaZix will offer BrandShield’s anti-phishing solution to its entire clientele in the war against scams in the crypto industry communities.

To realize this, BrandShield on the other hand will ensure constant monitoring as a way of proactively identifying and eliminating threats from social media websites and platforms. The company was founded in 2014 as a cloud platform, with the aim of revolutionizing the way in which firms are able to combat the abuse of brands.

Several Instances Of Brand Abuse And Scams

As a result of several instances of brand abuse and scams in the cryptocurrency industry, it is an expected fit for BrandShield’s proficiency. This is because BrandShield has taken the creativity to another level all together following the announcement of MyShield, an anti-scam platform will also gain from the collective wisdom of the crowd.

According to AmaZix’s CEO, Jonas Karlberg, the company takes pride in the fact that it operates as a partner to its clients who are crypto startups. The major part of the work of AmaZix is to ensure the safety of the community by being vigilant to fraudulent happenings. In this regard, BrandShield comes in to offer exceptional technological security to enable AmaZix to sustain confidence and trust in the community.

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