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Amazon Introduces 1-Click Blockchain Technology on its AWS for Ethereum and Hyperledger

On October 9, Amazon announced that it has implemented different blockchain solutions for its Amazon Web Services.

With AWS Blockchain Templates, it will be possible for customers to provide a fast and easy way to create and deploy secure blockchain networks that use the popular Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks.

With these AWS CloudFormation templates the creation and configuration of blockchain networks will be automated. This has been specifically designed for networks that work on Amazon EC2 or Amazon ECS. At the moment, those interested in these services can have access to them here:

There are different companies that use Amazon Web Services solutions, including T Mobile or Guidewire. T Mobile, for example, is currently working on a digital identity and authentication platform completely based on AWS. The company is using a solution provided by the Hyperledger project that is known as Sawtooth.

Guidewire has been working side by side with PwC to make the bordereau process more efficient. At the moment they are using a blockchain-based smart contracts solution that auto-approves claims and facilitates payments.

There are many different use cases for blockchain technology. The supply chain would be able to have a better control with distributed ledger technology since it would be possible to track goods and their data. At the same time, it would reduce the paperwork needed for companies involved in the supply chain.

Financial transactions can also be enhanced with blockchain technology since there is no centralized party controlling and accepting these transactions. That would clearly improve the efficiency of clearing, settlement, cross-border payments and more.

Blockchain will provide Amazon Web Services agility, flexibility, and security. If you want to know more about Blockchain on AWS you can do it here:



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