Amberport is a company with a plan to make your investment bear to full fruition. The company is one that also seeks to use the decentralized forms of currency known as bitcoin. The company quite recently held its ICO and now has a plan in motion. The plan is to open numerous retail stores in strategic places. These places include Duty-Free zones and airports. They also plan on setting up shops in cruise liners and focusing on tourists. Presently, they have received the approval to open some exclusive outlets both on NCL and Celebrity cruise ships.

The company now plans to venture into the selling of jewelry and precious stones in both Chinese and Asian markets. They have big plans as they want to have an average annual revenue stream of approximately $5 million. They have been in business for more than 15 years and, as such, know all the nooks and crannies of the business.

AmberPort Roadmap

AmberPort has a busy timeline. However, the following is their projected roadmap:

• Between November and December, 2017, they plan to sell the remaining tokens as part of their ICO.

• In December of 2017, the company will open its first store on a Norwegian cruise liner.

• Between December of 2017 and December of 2018, they plan on opening 150 retail shops.

• In the year 2018, the tokens will accrue dividends.

• Between 2018 and 2020, they will open more retail stores. They plan on opening at least 500 stores before 2020.

AmberPort Benefits

The company offers investors the highest levels of transparency. You will get to see and assess all the stages of your investment, right from the start to the stage your investment accrues dividends. To give you more assurance, they have a quarterly edit from the top accounting companies in Asia, including PWC Asia. The operational company has its registration in Hong Kong.

The company also has big plans. In the first year alone, they plan to get over 150 stores in cruise-liners and duty free zones. The company will be able to achieve this because they have received the approval to open the Amber outlets in those areas.

They also offer the investor a large degree of reliability. All the tokens that you purchase come with some security in the form of a jewelry product. In the stock reserve, the investors made an investment of over $3 million.

If you have your token, you will be able to pay for jewelry at any of the Amber outlets at a 20% discount.

AmberPort Downsides

They are still in the formation stages and as such, betting on them is a risk that you will have to take as an investor. The risk could go either way.

AmberPort Conclusion

Amberport is a company with a plan to be the most extensive jewelry store outlet on all cruise liners and in duty free zones. The next coin offering is set to be in the months of November to December. Whether to invest is up to you, and it is your choice to decide whether it is a good investment.

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