AMBIS describes itself as a high tech solution for bitcoin investments. Find out everything you need to know about AMBIS today in our review.

What Is AMBIS?

AMBIS, or “Auto Managed Bitcoin Investments Solution”, claims to be “the most innovative bitcoin investment solution”. Using AMBIS’s savings account, you can earn 4.8% daily on your invested amount.

Obviously, returns of 4.8% per day are absolutely enormous – so big, in fact, that we’re immediately led to assume that AMBIS is a scam.

Other features of AMBIS include hourly payouts, instant withdrawals, and minimum deposits of 0.01 BTC.

The company was founded by CO Bradley Gough, who “got his developers together to discuss the idea of using special software to analyse the price of major bitcoin exchanges & conducting automatic trades based on the trading input.”

AMBIS even has a profit calculator on its official website. If you invest 1 BTC today, and leave it with AMBIS for 90 days, you’ll earn a profit of 23.12 BTC.

We’re skeptical whenever a company claims to offer returns as enormous as that. Let’s take a closer look at how AMBIS claims to work.

How Does AMBIS Work?

AMBIS claims to have an automated trading software. You buy into the fund, the trading software performs trades on behalf of all AMBIS clients, and you earn nearly 5% interest every day.

The founders of AMBIS reportedly started developing the algorithm in 2011. The goal of the algorithm, at first, was to monitor the frequent changes in bitcoin’s exchange rate against the USD, EUR, and other currencies with the intention of using that information to buy/sell bitcoin for maximum profitability.

By 2014, the developers – which include “the best minds in the field of economy”, according to the official site – had created a beta version of their Auto Managed Bitcoin Investments Solution (AMBIS). During testing, that algorithm was shown to lead to significant profits.

In August 2016, the release candidate version of AMBIS was completed. By the beginning of 2017, that software was available to the public through

Today, the AMBIS software monitors the price of bitcoin, executes buy or sell orders based on its intelligent algorithms, then generates profit for customers.

Ultimately, there’s no evidence that this bitcoin trading robot actually exists. The website doesn’t feature any stats or trading activity for the robot. There are legitimate bitcoin trading robots available online today, and they typically publish their transparent trading activity online (even if it’s a loss or gain). Without that information from AMBIS, it’s hard to trust the robot’s claim of earning 5% per day.

AMBIS Features

Despite the fact that it may or may not exist, the AMBIS trading software advertises all of the following features:

Speed: AMBIS lets you withdraw funds instantly without human interference.

Security: AMBIS’s goal “is to secure the investors’ funds at the highest level, it is the same as keeping your funds in a bank.” Despite that bold claim, AMBIS doesn’t describe any of its security protocols, storage programs, or auditing mechanisms – so it’s unclear if they have any security system, or if your money will just disappear.

Simplicity: AMBIS claims to be easy to use, even if you have no experience with bitcoin or trading.

Support: You can get in touch with the AMBIS support team through the official website.

How To Start Using AMBIS

Step 1) Register as an AMBIS user using the Signup form on the official website.

Step 2) Add funds. You can only deposit funds from an existing bitcoin wallet.

Step 3) Earn profits. AMBIS claims to start depositing funds into your account every 60 minutes, at which point you’re free to withdraw funds or reinvest. You can also choose to automatically reinvest your profits to maximize growth.

Who Created AMBIS?

AMBIS is operated by a Delaware-registered corporation named Ambis International, LLC. That company is incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware. It was formed on March 24, 2017. You can contact the company by phone at 800-246-2677.

The company is led by CO Bradley Gough, who has purportedly “been dealing with bitcoin and blockchain since 2011”. Other key members of the team include developers Jan Grunnis and Mike Pearson along with partners Jack Wonderbilt, Tim Hankins, Lara Copeman, and Dennis Krongmann.

Bradley Gough is the name of a Fort Wayne-based diamond retailer. When you search for Bradley Gough online, you’ll find results for that diamond retailer as well as for press releases mentioning AMBIS. However, we could find no other information about AMBIs available online.

AMBIS Conclusion

Ultimately, when someone tells you that you can earn 5% every day just by giving them a lot of money, you should immediately close that webpage. I mean, AMBIS’s homepage has a calculator that tells you it can turn 1 BTC into 21+ BTC of profit in just 90 days.

Despite these enormous earnings, AMBIS reveals no information about its trading bot online. There’s no evidence suggesting that the bot actually exists, and we could find no information about how it works.

The only “legitimate” thing we could find about AMBIS is that someone actually took the time to register a corporation in Delaware back in March 2017. Aside from that, however, we have no information about the company’s team. There’s no transparency here.

Based on all of the information we could find online, we’re led to believe that AMBIS is another scheme that takes customers’ money with no intention of paying them 5% interest every day. There are no legitimate reviews online, and no evidence that AMBIS works as advertised to deliver its enormous payouts as promised.

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  1. Ambis works as stated in the Terms and FAQ. It pays. There is an option to compound the interest hourly by reinvesting it automatically. They allow the withdrawal of the principal as well. Ambis has been around for longer than a month and a half, which means to me that it should be around for at least another two months. If 100% reinvesting and compounding you will double your money in about 20 days or so. Always read the terms carefully and do the math.

    I predicted about a week ago that Bitcoin will reach 5k this year. I personally think Bitcoin will reach 7k and higher into 2018 (potentially 8-10k next year). So far so good.

    Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions only. All investing involves risk, including the loss of capital. These comments are not investment advice. I am merely sharing my subjective personal views and experiences in the world of Bitcoin. Always read the fine print, do the math, and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


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