Ambisafe, a company that specializes in creating smart contract solutions, will be lending its expertise to BLMP so as to develop a proprietary wallet, virtual asset management, and software necessary for its platform to provide improved security for their tokenized items.

BLMP is working in order to resolve inefficiencies in the market for in-game or in-app items (also known as virtual goods). The companies and brands that own content are searching for new ways to advertise to consumers.

With the development of new revolutionary applications for blockchain technology, BLMP makes it easier for global brands and publishers to form licensing agreements and be sure that they will both reap the benefits.

In order for BLPM to provide the highest level of security to its customers, it must provide secure and efficient tools for transactions between businesses and their users.

At the moment, Ambisafe has served to several ICOs that were worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Working with BLMP, they will be building one of the most experienced technical teams in the crypto programming world, being able to provide a strong foundation for the future of branded virtual goods.

Ambisage has been very active within the blockchain community to provide custom blockchain solutions. The company creates software that blockchain platforms and projects can use to keep assets and funds safe and accessible at all times.

The software is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Security: Ambisafe ensures that its clients’ assets are totally protected from external theft or tampering.
  • Customization: Ambisafe allows users to tailor their registry frameworks and smart contracts as they need.
  • Flexibility: Ambisafe lets companies and users to manage multiple digital assets at once.

BLMP leverages blockchain technology to create immutable chains of data that enables publishers and brands to create self-enforcing contracts that instantly track transactions and distributes sales proceeds in a transparent manner. WIth Ambisafe, BLMP’s team will be able to work with one of the most experienced teams in the market.

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