Ambrosus’ Network, AMB-NET, Integrates the GS1 Digital Link to Improve Supply Chain Management

AMB-NET, a network on the Ambrosus blockchain project, is finally compatible with the GS1 Digital Standards for supply chain management from the old GS1 standards.

The AMB-NET blockchain network has been fully developed and integrated with the GS1 Digital link compliance system that replaces the GS1 standards. The GS1 standards are a product of the leading global company in supply chain management, GS1. Joining the likes of Systech and FarmaTrust, AMB-NET blockchain network is now one of the decentralized platform dealing with supply management problems such as time delays and the supply of counterfeit products to the market.

AMB-NET Network Confirms the Full Integration of GS1 Digital Link Standards

The users of the AMB-NET network are yet to see the best of the platform since its launch, but the recent confirmation of the blockchain following the GS1 Digital link standards is set to improve the overall QA on supply chain management. Through a special QR code, Digital Link will allow its users to scan the products on their mobile phones and obtain all the information on the product including batch numbers, serial numbers, and product origins.

Furthermore, the compatibility of the GS1 Digital Link to the Ambrosus ecosystem, the parent platform for the AMB-NET network, allows each product to have a custom web address (URL) that facilitates the efficient identification of individual products in the supply chain. The previous ways to identify original products was not only inefficient but also encouraged the production of counterfeit foods and pharmaceuticals. The CEO and co-founder of Ambrosus, Angel Versetti spoke on the new digital standard praising its influence in the field of supply chain management. He said,

“Digital Link is specifically designed to augment and eventually replace one-dimensional barcodes that are now commonly used. By integrating the GS1 Digital Link with Ambrosus, we can now make this vital information easily available to consumers and realize our vision of bringing the benefits of decentralization to every rung on the supply chain, right down to consumers at the checkout.”

The GS1 Digital Link Standard

As explained by Versetti above, GS1 digital Link services will replace the commonly used one dimensional bar codes on products with unique and serialized QR codes. The team at GS1 designed the GS1 Digital link standard to provide its users with an interactive QR code that allows companies to engage with their customers and other companies as well. Through an application on the smartphone, users will be able to scan the products to obtain the supply chain of the products including as product origins, loyalty programs, and discounts.

This will see the once heavily centralized barcodes become a network of decentralized QR codes that allows for transparency across the supply management systems. Furthermore, these QR codes on the GS1 Digital Link standard will effectively democratize product verification standards to any interested consumer.

The Ambrosus blockchain is fully compatible with the GS1 standards to improve the customer experience in accessing product information on a transparent and immutable platform. The ease to accessing this information, improves the business efficiency according to the CEO of Ambrosus Angel Versetti,

“With Ambrosus now supporting the GS1 Digital Link Standard, we will be able to significantly improve customer experience through ease of access to product information, while also maximizing business efficiency for companies tracing and transacting products. Simplifying this identification system can benefit retailers, producers, and consumers alike by facilitating access to a specific batch of pharmaceutical products or foodstuffs in the event of a recall, for example.”

Additionally, the GS1 Digital Link compatibility places Ambrosus on top of the pile in digital innovation on the blockchain and supply management industries. This will see the project become a pioneer blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) solution in the tracking and tracing of goods in the supply chain at no added cost.

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