Amidst Mastercard's Outage, Bitcoin Community Compares Its Payment Advantages

Mastercard experienced a major glitch last week, which kept their customers from charging anything on their cards. Instead, the transactions were declined. However, rather than impacting a city or even a single state, this outage had a worldwide impact, which led to a very unhappy group of users voicing their opinions on social media.

Even though Mastercard was able to solve the problem shortly, cryptocurrency enthusiasts took the time to shine the spotlight on themselves as well.

Crypto Twitter saw the following post on Mastercard’s Twitter page for news:

“We are aware there may have been some issues in processing a limited number of transactions earlier. The situation has been resolved and those transactions are now working as normal.”

The customers that support cryptocurrency decided to go ahead and blow up the comments. User “reivanen” replied to the post, saying,

“Bitcoin has never had a service interruption.”

Micha Bonliel, @anthenor, said,

“#Mastercard has an outage… this basically stops you from making any purchase… at least when I use crypto I can follow my transaction and know what’s happening without needing to spend 20min on the phone with my bank.”

At that point, an important inquiry was brought to light by Twitter user @d_mayrhofer, who asked,

“@Mastercard Why are you still not supporting Bitcoin? The most reliable payment network on earth.”

Surprisingly, Mastercard decided to start applications for multiple patents that would let them use cryptocurrency and has even had one approval already.

This should be comforting for the users on Twitter that have made it obvious that crypto should be an option. Unfortunately, many critics indicated that Mastercard will have major competition from Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Along with the support for Bitcoin, consumers that support other tokens decided to take their turn at heckling as well, including Ripple enthusiasts and Dash supporters.

A Ripple supporter, @nuonrg, said,

“This is why @RevolutApp @Visa and @Mastercard should use @Ripple xRapid with XRP and @Interledger for always online decentralized payments network power freedom. #XRP #xrpthestandard #xrpcommunity.”

As for Dashpay, user @2017_tlc, also known as The Lighthouse Company, said,

“First @Visa…. now it seems @Mastercard is down… when will people realize that there is an alternative decentralised system for payments available… you’re in control and it’s costs less to use!!! @Dashpay @DashForceNews #dash #blockchain #cryptocurrency.”

With the involvement of cryptocurrency, some professionals wonder if the Mastercard situation could have actually made a difference in the outage they experienced. David Coz, a journalist with PaymentsSource, wrote an article discussing if this was possible. The main concern appeared to be that the current blockchain technology would not be sufficient for the information that Mastercard stores.

Despite the fact that what has happened cannot be changed, comments are still rolling in as the crypto industry takes their final shots at the payment conglomerate.

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