Ammbr is a blockchain-based platform that lets you share Wi-Fi with your neighbors and the community to earn tokens. Here’s our Ammbr review.

What Is Ammbr?

Ammbr, found online at, is a Wi-Fi sharing system that allows someone to share their wireless internet connection with their neighbors or their community. If you share your wireless internet, you’ll receive tokens in exchange.

The company describes itself as “a wireless mesh network built on blockchain.” With Ammbr, bandwidth is traded 24/7 in an autonomous marketplace.

The first step in earning tokens with Ammbr is using an Ammbr device – the company’s smart wireless router. That mesh Wi-Fi device consists of a base station, a blockchain resource module, and a 6 point beam capable of directing a wireless signal to the person who needs it most, providing faster speeds and bandwidth.

How Does Ammbr Work?

Ammbr involves running an Ammbr device, then trading connectivity with your neighbors or people walking by. You can earn Ammbr tokens when someone accesses your wireless internet connection.

The Ammbr device consists of a Wi-Fi base station with an IoT module (sub 1GHz, ZigBee, Dash 7). The wireless device promises to offer high frequency, high speeds, and point to multipoint capabilities (LTE-U, etc.).

It also has a blockchain resource module for memory, CPU, and storage.

The key piece of technology behind Ammbr is the full spectrum mesh semiconductor. That semiconductor will increase the range of your Wi-Fi access point while providing built in support for a multitude of protocols and spectrum.

There’s also the “proof of velocity” semiconductor, which securely underpins the blockchain carrying the transactional history of the Ammbr marketplace. The chip is “so power efficient, it can be used in mobile applications.”

The Wi-Fi antenna itself is a six point beam. The antenna can adjust itself in real-time to concentrate signal power in a specific direction, increasing range and throughput.

Overall, Ammbr describes their platform as “a network with a higher purpose.” Today, 3.9 billion people worldwide have no internet connection, or a poor quality internet connection. Ammbr wants to extend the internet – and all its associated benefits – to these people.

On the user side of things, Ammbr users can find supported wireless networks through the use of a mobile app. If you’re walking around an unfamiliar city and need to use a Wi-Fi connection, for example, then you can open the Ammbr app and find one near you.

Who’s Behind Ammbr?

Ammbr is led by Derick Smith and Benny Pang. Smith is an IT and business generalist with a background in payment systems and communications, currently serving as CEO to two blockchain/digital identity companies. Pang was the chief counsel at Tencent Holdings Limited between 2004 and 2010 and now runs his own legal firm.

Dozens of other team members are listed at the official Ammbr website. The Ammbr whitepaper also has surprisingly extensive bios for each of the dozens of employees working on Ammbr.

Ammbr is based in Singapore. The company is officially known as Ammbr Foundation Pte Ltd. They were founded in 2017, although research and development on Ammbr started in 2016.

The Ammbr Token Sale

Ammbr’s public token sale begins on September 1. The token sale will see the release of 60% of the total supply of tokens. Each token is valued at $0.10. The token is listed under the AMMBR symbol.

The remaining tokens are given to the founders (10%) and early backers (10%), while the remaining 20% of tokens are saved for future development.

Bonuses of up to 30% are available during the beginning of the sale. The tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens based on Ethereum.

Ammbr Conclusion

Ammbr wants to create a blockchain-based ecosystem where users can share Wi-Fi networks in exchange for AMMBR tokens. The Singapore-based company’s ecosystem revolves around the use of a special wireless router. That router uses meshing technology to provide fast and efficient wireless access. It also has a multi-directional beam system that allows the antenna to rotate towards the intended source for better bandwidth and throughput.

Ammbr’s token sale begins on September 1, 2017. You can learn more about the platform, or view information about the token sale, by visiting Ammbr online today at

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