Many people can attest to the fact that online dating is plagued with a wide array of issues and problems primarily related to

  • Bots and other created profiles that are not real,
  • Inaccurate bio data details of members featuring misleading information
  • No-shows

Thus, to get rid of such issues, it is important to come up with a platform that enables its users to find and meet like minded individuals in a manner that promotes confidence.

This is where Amor comes in. It is a “decentralized ​dating ​platform” ​that ​brings ​credibility ​to ​online ​dating by displaying accurate profile details and other important data so as to help users find their matches more quickly, and easily.

What Is Amor?

Amor is completely decentralized and thus uses a model of “complete transparency” to establish customer trust. It also makes use of a native currency called Amor Token, which it uses to ​reward ​credible ​users ​on ​the ​platform. In addition to this, Amor also makes use of a ‘token pool’ that helps alleviate problems related to ​’microtransactions’. This is done by allowing ‘​a ​granular ​feedback ​loop’ to be incorporated into the system.

In terms of its working, all awarded ​tokens ​can ​be ​burned ​to ​promote oneself ​through ​digital ​power-ups ​or ​held ​as ​a ​sign ​of ​credibility. At his point in the review, it should also be mentioned that the monetary structure of the platform is powered by ethereum smart contracts.

How Does Amor Work?

After an initial like has been received, the person is awarded ​a ‘​trivial fraction ​of ​tokens ​from ​the ​AMOR ​token ​pool’. In addition to this, a chat is initiated between the two interested parties and then a date and time for a meeting is set up. Following this, a ‘feedback loop’ is initiated during which users are required to answer questions such as:

  • Was ​the ​person ​on ​time?
  • Were ​their ​profile details ​accurate?
  • Was ​this ​person ​engaged ​during ​the ​date?

Amor Incentive Program

In order to promote the growth and widespread use of Amor as a dating service, this platform makes use of an ‘​incentive ​structure’ that is quite easy to access. As mentioned earlier, the ‘feedback loop’ that the service uses allows for customers to earn tokens.

In addition to this, the more the number of tokens one has, the better chances we have of finding dates. In terms of what can be done with the Amor tokens, we can see that they can be used for ​ obtaining ​power-ups ​and ​collectibles. Power ups increase our online profile credibility, thereby allowing us to match with more users.

Amor Token Details

As mentioned earlier, the native AMOR ​tokens serve to act as ​a ‘​straightforward ​measure ​of ​gaining value ​and ​credibility ​on ​the platform’. If one goes through the official company white paper, they will be able to see the entire breakdown of the ‘​logical ​incentive ​structure’ that has been planned for this system.

In terms of purchasing tokens, the ​crowdsale will commence on the 2nd of December. It will be a driving force that will allow for the future development of this technology, and will allow for it to scale up for mass use. To make a purchase, users can simple visit the official company page, and follow the guidelines laid out there.

From a ​distribution standpoint of the ​tokens, the following structure has been used by the company: ​

  • ​50% ​of ​tokens ​will ​be ​sold ​in ​the crowdsale,
  • ​20% ​of ​tokens ​given ​to ​team ​members ​and ​advisors, ​
  • 10% ​used ​for ​user acquisition, ​
  • 18% ​held ​for ​the ​pool ​and ​2% ​for ​bounties.

For any queries regarding the service, users have been asked to get in touch with customer support members either via email, or through the links provided on the “contact us” page.

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