What Is AMOS?

Amos is a digital platform that seeks to revolutionize the fitness industry through blockchain technology and AI Computing Analysis. Amos seeks to create a blockchain-based platform in which users can do crowdfunding, buy professional sports places, and even sponsor athletes. Besides, the platform is able to track fitness stats such as calories burned by the user. It then provides motivation and feedback through the AMOS token.

AMOS Project Mission

According to their whitepaper,

“the mission of AMOS is to enable everyone to protect themselves from disease through exercise. Nowadays, lack of exercise has become the commonest problem and sitting long has been normal, which result in lots of diseases of civilization. AMOS integrates hardware, builds up AI and blockchain based on the data collected by its app and puts forward a complete sport ecosystem, effectively helping people set continuous exercise as a goal.”

AMOS Blockchain Cryptocurrency Project Core Fundamentals

Smart Wearables

Amos calculates the calories burned by the user by using a smart sport watch. Besides, it motivates the user to exercise more through token feedback. The smart sport watch records the health and sport condition of the user. The users can analyze the information on the AMOS app, where they can analyze the current sports data, based on the past physical condition. It then proposes a personalized training to improve physical condition.

Smart Gym

AMOS seeks to establish a number of smart gyms across the world. By collaborating with Strength Master Group, the platform will utilize years of experience in Research and Development to build the equipment required for smart gyms. In addition, it seeks to introduce identification related to AI and big data, which will help in analyzing the habits of people using the fitness equipment.

AI Analysis

Most traditional sports equipment and vehicles can collect information on health index, physical condition, and exercise. However, such devices cannot analyze data. Amos seeks to launch artificial intelligence Machine Learning to analyze the data relationships of various types of sports and provide a scientific sport model through big data analysis platform. This will enable users to effectively enhance their physical fitness and effectively reduce the chances of being injured.

Besides, Amos will introduce the AI system into the smart gym, which will enable users to work out an effective training program using the AI without hiring a coach.

AMOS Crowdfunding Platform

Amos has created a sports related crowdfunding platform on which users can pay with AMOS token. Besides, users can conduct some crowdfunding activities on the platform such as donations for support charity, sponsoring sports players for distant areas, crowdfunding for game funds and more.

AMOS Incentive Reward Economic Model

  • Users accumulate data through wristband, triggering incentives.
  • Apply token to social media, fund raisers, and smart gym
  • Social and personal insurance purchasers
  • Accumulate individual workout data; AI services, then provide improvement plans
  • Gambling—determining odds by analyzing data
  • Government and corporations; trade and corporations

AMOS ICO And Token Details

The total amount of token produced is five billion pieces. There is no increase after this amount. The amount of tokens available for ICO is two billion, and the price of one ETH is 25000 AMOS tokens during the private ICO. During public ICO, one ETH will cost 20000 AMOS tokens. The pre-ICO runs from October 31, 2018 to November 13, 2018. The public ICO will take place between November 13, 2018 and December 12, 2018.

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