AMSYS AMCHART is an electronic health record management system built on blockchain. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is AMCHART?

AMCHART, found online at, is a patient driven EHR built on a hybrid public/private blockchain. The platform uses AI for analytics along with an incentive-driven model for better patient outcomes.

AMSYS AMCHART AMC aims to provide better patient outcomes through better health record maintenance, wellness program participation incentives, better population health data, and more efficient data sharing between health partners. The team wants to create a medical records system that’s completely accurate, transparent, and immutable, offering convenient access to patients and trusted health providers.


AMCHART is built on a hybrid public/private blockchain. Specifically, the platform uses Ethereum-based smart contracts and a Hyperledger Sawtooth framework. AMCHART’s consensus security is based on Intel SGX chips. Running the consensus directly on hardware provides extra security while also increasing transaction times.

AMCHART also plans to build its own wearables to measure various aspects of patient health. They plan to release wearables for heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, for example, as well as blood sugar, heart health, oxygen saturation, and more. This health data will be used to launch wellness programs.

The platform is rolling out in three phases. The first phase occurred in January 2018:

Phase 1:

This is the initial minimum viable product (MVP) of the AMCHART platform. The MVP will allow providers and patients to access the platform. Patients can create medical records. The company will also begin developing its mobile apps and wearables for real-time patient health data monitoring, including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, weight, blood sugar, and heart health monitoring, among other devices. This data will be used to initiate wellness programs.

Phase 2:

The second phase of the AMCHART project will include further data collection as well as the additional layering of machine learning/AI in conjunction with diagnostic and history sets (like family, social, and medical) to proactively manage health-related issues.

Phase 3:

The third phase will occur when AMCHART’s wellness programs are fully activated. The programs will be considered fully activated based on app usage and real-time patient health data monitoring.

AMCHART will also have full AI capabilities that can be used to answer questions about the healthcare process, including disease processes, medication usage, wellness management, proactive diagnoses, etc. AMCHART will also begin integrating billing components and payment processing from payors to providers through blockchain intermediaries.


AMCHART is being developed by a company called AMSYS.

AMSYS is led by Aman Quadri (CEO). Quadri has 15+ years of experience in medical education and training, including a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Texas Tech University. In addition to serving as CEO of AMSYS, Quadri serves as managing partner for a full-service back-end health servicing company whose specialties range from IT to record transcription to compliance testing.

Other key members of the team include Choka Palayamkottai (CTO) and Khalid (Ken) Parekh (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer).

AMSYS has two offices in the United States, including the company’s global headquarters in Houston.


The AMCHART token pre-sale ends on February 15. The main ICO is scheduled for March 1 to 31, 2018. The company’s AMC tokens are priced at $1 USD during the token sale, with a pre-sale price of $0.75.

There’s a total supply of 120 million AMC tokens. 60 million tokens are available during the pre-sale, 55 million during the main sale, and 5 million reserved for a patient incentive program.

AMCHART is accepting bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO during the token sale. They may also accept fiat currencies and Litecoin (as of January 30, they’re still working on how to accept those currencies).

The token sale has a hard cap of $100 million USD and a soft cap of $15 million.


AMCHART is a blockchain-based platform that aims to manage patient health data more efficiently. The platform uses a hybrid public/private blockchain built on Ethereum smart contracts and Hyperledger.

The token sale for AMC tokens is taking place throughout February and March 2018. You can learn more by visiting the platform online today at

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