Before we start with this review, it is important to learn about MLM or Multi Level Marketing schemes in detail. In their basic essence, MLM can be thought of as a marketing strategy for selling products or services via the use of a non-salaried workforce. All of the members of the chain are provided with incentives, but as the chain becomes larger, the rewards are reduced.

Amzbit is a similar operation and makes use of an e-commerce module that cashes in on the MLM niche. As per their website, they have their corporate corporate address in Florida, and the two main people behind this project are Burke Hedges and Sean Connors.

More About Amzbit

While Amzbit does not offer its clientele with any retailable products or services, it does offer all of its affiliates with an Amzbit membership that customers can use to gain access to a large ”digital product library”. Some of the products that are contained within this digital library include:

  • Business and personal development classes,
  • Leadership mentoring, books
  • Interviews, podcast, webinars and other digital media
  • Workshops

At this point it should also be mentioned that Ambit makes use of a “compensation plan” that combines Amazon affiliate commissions with that of ‘member to member’ payments for all subscribers of the Amzbit network.

Other Key Aspects to Bear in Mind

(i) Recruitment Bonuses:

For every member that is brought in via a direct referral, the host is delivered with a direct $25 commision. This bonus is applicable to all users irrespective of when they sign up with the company.

(ii) Team Growth Bonus:

Through the use of a 2-up level model (that is tracked by a dedicated unilevel team), Amzbit provides its customers with a $25 reward. Not only that, this bonus can be increased as more and more affiliates are brought into this system. Lastly, it is wise to bear in mind that when using this model, each Amzbit affiliate passes up their first two Team Growth Bonuses. However, they get to keep their bonus from the third recruit onwards.

Compensation Schemes to Avail of

(i) Amazon Affiliate Commissions:

According to the website, Amzbit users are able to earn a steady side revenue stream if they purchase products from Amazon using Amzbit’s affiliate referral links. However, it should be noted that members only receive 50% of all procured commissions.

Lastly, a point to be considered is that Amzbit does not disclose the sharing structure of Amazon affiliate commissions received by them.

(ii) Generational Commision:

Another interesting way of making money through the use of Amzbit is via their Generational compensation plan. In this scheme the company pays a customer a $45 Generational Bonus each time an “affiliate renews their $100 Smart Subscription”. This commision model also makes use of a tier structure, and as we move down the pyramid, the bonus incurred becomes smaller and smaller.

How Do I Get Onboard?

The Ambit affiliate membership is priced at a monthly fee of $100. Customers need to understand that affiliates who choose not to maintain this membership will only be able to receive direct recruitment commissions and Amazon commissions.

All payments made through this platform are done via the use of Bitcoin. To sign up, users can click on the relevant tabs and complete the registration process. For any other details or queries, customers can request for assistance via email.


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