AnApp Ports IOTW-Backed Software To Realtek Ameba Chipset To Strengthen IoT Ecosystem

A recent post shared by Cryptovest unveiled that AnApp Blockchain Technologies Ltd has officially ported its software dubbed, ‘IOTW Micro-Mining’ to a WIFI chipset belonging to Realtek Ameba. The entire process of porting was accomplished due to the support given by Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

AnApp’s ultimate goal is to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain protocol using Proof of Assignment (PoA) to connect IoT devices to blockchain so that real life applications can be enjoyed. This recent news supposedly brings the blockchain-based firm one step closer to their objective.

Why IOTW? As per the claims made, it has the ability to rid the blockchain network of any hindrances that prevent general adoption. Furthermore, the IOTW blockchain allegedly does not require intense computational power and eliminates the step of storing mining devices on the ledger, eventually cutting down on cost for consumers and businesses.

Another interesting spec is its use of PoA, which does not work like PoW, where all existing nodes are required to participate. The former simply elects a single or a set number of candidates to solve cryptographical problems by a set criterion.

As per AnApp themselves, “most people are unable to benefit from it [blockchain], mainly due to the technological complexity to mine cryptocurrencies.” The firm further noted that the lack of adoption can be resolved through IOTW, which will allow “nearly all connected IoT devices (30 billion by 2020) to mine IOTW tokens without additional hardware requirements.”

CEO of AnApp, Frederick Leung seems to have chosen Realtek due their strong stance as a “worldwide leader in fabless semiconductor supply” and for having established the title of, ‘household name’ across millions of homes.

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