The world is always going through changes, and the best way to cope with changes is to adapt. Change requires an open mind, a free thinker. Come 19th-20th July, the City of Porto in Portugal will host a world’s premier colloquium for free thinkers from all over the world, and you are invited!

Here is what to expect from the Anarchaportugal colloquium.

What Is AnarchaPortugal?

Portugal is a stunning country with a long and vibrant history characterized by innovation, art, and culture. Porto is the embodiment of all these virtues, and as such is the ideal venue for the coming two-day event.

The colloquium of free thinkers will bring together experts from various fields that are driving change in the world today: blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, machine learning, social sciences, science fiction, consciousness, and bio-hacking, governance philosophy, and economics, among others. It will blend in these fields with input from students, designers, artists, developers, and wellness experts.

The goal of Anarchaportugal colloquium of free thinkers is to cross-pollinate the communities highlighted above to discuss how these changes are impacting Portugal, Europe, and the world as a whole. The idea is to get input from experts in various fields and connect the dots while empowering leadership. In the end, events should turn into movement and give way to liberation.

AnarchaPortugal Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Event Venue

Porto is at the heart of Portugal, and it brings out the best of the country. It will be the host city for the Anarchaportugal colloquium, which will be held at The Porto Customhouse Congress Center. This center dates back to the 1870s and is situated along the banks of the Douro River. It is spacious and offers all resources and amenities necessary for a successful event. It also offers a picturesque scenery away from the city’s buzz.

AnarchaPortugal Speakers & Audience

The Anarchaportugal event will be graced by 25 speakers, all of who are renowned experts in their fields. Some of the notable figures will be Walter Block, an economist from Austria and senior fellow at Mises Institute; Brittany Kaiser, the founder of Bueno Capital and Cambridge Analytical whistleblower; Taylor Gerring, founder of Blockchain.WTF and a co-founder of Ethereum, and Vit Jedlicka, the President of Liberland.

As mentioned earlier, everyone is invited albeit there are limited seats available. To this end, the audience will vary greatly from students to entrepreneurs and anyone interested in what this colloquium has to offer.

AnarchaPortugal July 19-20 Tickets

All you need to be a part of the Anarchaportugal is a ticket and an open mind. Tickets are available for just €199 per person, or for €1,499 for a batch of five tickets. Spots are limited, so get your early through

AnarchaPortugal Sponsors

Are you interested in what the Anarchaportugal colloquium has to offer and would like to support it? If so, then you can become a part of this great event by signing up as a sponsor. You will get a chance to tell your story and help drive positive change in the world.

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