Andreas Antonopoulos Answers Bitcoin vs Governments Crypto Debate

Is Bitcoin Testing Governments? Antonopoulos Answers

What will governments do to stop private, decentralized currencies? How do social / political/economic freedom indexes compare to a country's stance towards bitcoin? Bitcoin is not getting tested by governments, so much as governments are being tested by Bitcoin.

Ideas are more powerful than any one individual who contributes to them.

Andreas Antonopoulos spoke about these topics and more on August 6th, 2018 in ‘The Internet of Money Tour' at the Hilton Denver Inverness in Denver.

An audience member, in the Q&A section of the talk, suggested Andreas get security because he is a threat to the establishment. Andreas Antonopoulos answered this in a very elegant manner.

“Fortunately you are wrong about that thing because I am not a threat at all. Ideas are powerful and ideas change the future more effectively than anything in humanity, not people. The good news is that Bitcoin isn’t people it's an idea. In a really beautiful way, it’s an idea that has been distilled into some mathematical formulas and put together as software. It doesn’t run on one place on the internet. It’s an idea that has been set free and runs everywhere.

It’s an idea which is dangerous because it’s an idea that is unstoppable. Governments have a problem with unstoppable things. Probably because their general application of power is to stop things. When you talk to people in governments there is something funny that happens which is that they assume that you are questioning their authority. I am not questioning their authority, but their ability.”

So how is the government going to react?

Andreas continues:

“I recently did a study which I am going to release in the public domain which is a mash-up between the World Freedom Index, which is a score of every country in the world for civil and political liberties, versus the legal status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you lay those two maps over each other, it’s a perfect match. Then you suddenly realize Bitcoin isn’t being tested by governments, governments are being tested by Bitcoin. It forces them to reveal their true colors. Countries that do not respect the individual freedom of their own citizens are against cryptos.”

Here is a quote by Andreas that we should get behind:

“When you have an idea that is powerful and free, that idea is like a mirror that you put up to your government. You see what’s reflected back. Bitcoin here acts like a litmus test.”

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