Andreas Antonopoulos Tackles How to Explain Bitcoin to 'Your Mother'

Andreas Antonopoulos Takes Up The Challenge To Explain Bitcoin To ‘Your Mother’

One of the most prominent cryptocurrency educator and lecturers Andreas Antonopoulos took on the challenge of explaining Bitcoin to your mother in a recent Q&A session that went public last week.

Antonopoulos was trying to explain what bitcoin is in the language of digital immigrants. His response came following a viewer request for a video which would “exist for her mom and everyone like her who wants to understand the basics.”

He began by saying,

“Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a form of money invented recently and introduced on the internet. This is a form of money that only exists in a digital form and it can be sent and received just like an email.”

Since Bitcoin has started making headlines after its recent bullish run, popular interest around cryptocurrency has also increased. despite prices of most cryptocurrencies being significantly lower than they were even six months ago, many prospective consumers either feel it is too late to buy or think doing so is too complicated. As other commentators have noted, meanwhile, the level of understand of just what a cryptocurrency is compared to traditional forms of money remains palpably low.

Even though Antonopoulos gave good analogy with the E-mail reference, his explanation of Bitcoin for mums made no reference to bankers’ greed, government money-printing monopolies or decentralized cryptocurrencies ethical implications. Continuing the discussion on the limited technological readiness of cryptocurrencies in terms of user interface and other aspects, Antonopoulos response was notable for its lack of “political” content.

Finally, he stressed that this was a technological leap forward:

“Eventually, it’s going to be easy to use for everyone, and then we’ll have to try to explain to our children and our descendants what the hell we were thinking with these plastic cards and this linseed-and-cotton money that was covered in germs, and they will not understand what we’re talking about.”

The full Q&A session is available here.

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