Andreas Antonopoulos Warns Ethereum Devs Against In-Fighting

Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of two widely acclaimed books that offer advice on how to develop for cryptos and how they work, “Mastering Bitcoin” and “Mastering Ethereum”, has offered some important advice for the developers of the Ethereum community recently.

According to him, the developers of the second largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap have to be careful about in-fighting or they may end up fragmenting their technical community. Antonopoulos’ two books are now standards for devs who are starting to learn how to use these protocols, so he can certainly be called an authority in the issue.

During the ETHDenver conference, the expert talked about how to build an “unstoppable code” to be protected from hackers and talked about the future of ETH. He said that the community should appreciate the fact that what they were doing was important and required a lot of courage.

His main advice, though, was that the developers should not fragment too much and that they needed less insular thinking and more working together to solve problems.

According to him, the depression in the price of Ethereum, which already reached $1,100 USD and now it is only around $100 USD has created tension in the market and made working together very hard but people need to focus to prevent the community from splitting as they find ideas to revive the market.

He says that people often feel afraid during the bear market and that, at its absolute peak, they feel pressed and threatened. He remarked that it is easy to get along when things are going all right but that it is harder when everyone is focused on solving the problem and each person believe that he will be able to solve it better.

During his conference, he said that the Ethereum community need to unite in order to stand up against the problems that will appear in the future and that they will help to propel ETH into a future that is more bright than now. According to him, the “bystander effect” is insidious because all it takes is to have people with courage.

Antonopoulos’ Word Resonate With The Current Situation

Curiously, the words said by the expert during the event have resonated with the situation that is unfolding right now in the Ethereum development community.

One of the core developers of the community, Afri Schoedon has decided to quit developing for Ethereum. He did it this week because he suffered several attacks against himself personally and his work on Ethereum.

The decision to leave was caused because the community did not react well to his comments on Twitter over how Ethereum was very alike Polkadot, another protocol which has its own currency.

Dozens of ETH devs have signed and published an open letter following his departure. In the letter, the devs affirm that toxic behavior discourages an open discussion and that, because of this, this kind of behavior should not be accepted within the Ethereum community.

The people who signed the letter affirm that the workers that are behind the projects should not be attacked for seeking to create better systems and that it is a shame that there are threats against the well-being of someone, as this type of attitude can never be justified.

Even the Ethereum Foundation has denounced the abuse received by Schoedon and called out the community for not behaving well in this case. People from social media have also spoken out for Schoedon and affirmed that it is completely unacceptable to treat people in the community this way.

Now, we will have to wait and see what will happen with the Ethereum community in the next months. Abuse was already responsible for making one developer leave and it can be troublesome if some other people decide to follow the same route.

The community should hear what Antonopoulos is saying and remain united, or Ethereum’s future might be in danger.

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