Angel Token ICO

The cryptocurrency market offers many different opportunities that can be exploited by intelligent investors to generate a significant profit in a short amount of time. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and although regulation is likely to be imposed on the market in many different forms, it’s highly unlikely to slow down.

While cryptocurrency investment can be highly profitable, it can also be time consuming, complex, and fraught with risk. There are now more than 1,300 different individual cryptocurrencies in existence, which makes it virtually impossible for an individual investor to research and assess each individual opportunity to trade.

Additionally, many new cryptocurrency platforms are highly technical in nature, which can make them difficult to evaluate- even for professional crypto investors. The initial coin offering marketplace, which is one of the most profitable ecosystems in the crypto world at this point in time- is saturated with platforms that have yet to develop a viable product, which further complicates success evaluation.

As a result, many investors resort to emotional investment decisions. It can be hard to perform effective cryptocurrency investment research alone, and even more difficult to determine who to trust when it comes to crypto investment advice.

A new initial coin offering, however, is aiming to create a private investment community that leverages crowd intelligence and combined crypto capital in order to maximize growth and profitability.

The Angel Token ICO is now live, so in this article we’ll take a quick look at the Angel Token platform and find out what it plans to achieve to help you determine whether it’s worth buying in on.

What is Angel Token?

The team behind the Angel Token are aiming to create a private community of cryptocurrency investors that will work together toward the goal of identifying, evaluating, and investing in undervalued small to medium size cryptos and crypto assets. After identifying these assets, the Angel Token community plans to work together to enhance their value in the crypto marketplace.

Instead of simply investing in cryptocurrency and observing the market, hoping for an increase in value, the Angel Token platform aims to provide investors with an opportunity to actively drive growth, visibility, and marketing in the cryptocurrencies that are identified and targeted.

The fundamental goal of the Angel Token platform is to identity crypto assets and cryptocurrencies that are undervalued- or those that have a large amount of potential but are not as widely recognized as they could be.

By leveraging the expertise of a team of web developers, programmers, designers, and online marketers, Angel Token aims to work hand-in-hand with the communities and stakeholders of these crypto assets and cryptocurrencies, offering a range of services including branding, marketing, public awareness drives, and technical expertise.

How Angel Token Works

The Angel Token platform aims to create a highly diversified portfolio of crypto assets, which will be available to view in a fully transparent monthly valuation. Individuals that hold Angel Tokens will be provided with quarterly dividends, which will be drawn from “some of the portfolio gains”, and distributed in Ether.

According to the Angel Token white paper, dividend distribution will only take place in quarters in which the total value of the portfolio has exceeded a total portfolio value that has never previously been reached. The Angel Token team plans to distribute between 10% and 25% of the total rise in portfolio value for that quarter to token holders.

Interestingly, Angel Token has chosen to protect the interests of ICO investors by creating an “Angel Token Central Bank Vault” that will reserve 80% of investor Ether funds in an immutable smart contract that allows investors to return their tokens at any point up until March 7th 2018 for an immediate 80% refund.

During the first 5 months of operation, Angel Token holders will be able to communicate directly with Angel Token founders and other community members in order to discuss initial investments and trades. Eligible Angel Token holders will also be able to directly influence the investments the Angel Token foundation will make.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the creators of the Angel Token platform have chosen to remain completely anonymous, a fact that they refer to in the Angel Token white paper. The Angel Token platform, according to its creators, should be considered as a high risk investment strategy that could result in the complete loss of your investment.

The Angel Token ICO

The Angel Token ICO launched on the 27th of November 2017, and will run until the 19th of December 2017. During the ICO, a maximum of 100,000,000 tokens will be minted, of which 70% will be sold and distributed to investors.

30% of the tokens minted will be reserved for the Angel Foundation, of which 15% will be allocated toward marketing, 8% to the Angel Token founders, and 7% to secure talent, advisors, and team incentives.

Angel Token ICO Verdict

The Angel Token platform is a unique approach that legitimizes the concept of closed “pump and dump” and communities, and appears to operate with a focus on actively adding value and worth to the crypto currency industry as a whole. If you’re interested in investing in an ICO that provides token holders with quarterly dividends, Angel Token is worth a closer look.

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  1. I don’t think people FULLY realize the potential with this coin. I mean ALL market is about timing your trades right and being there early before everyone knows that a coin is about to go up.

    If you think back at IOP, they grew big time just because they improved their logo and website. If these guys are doing that a few times a year with other coins, this is seriously good.

  2. A simple concept that can bring great returns! Love how for the first 5 months 80% of our ether is protected! Helps us determine the progress of the team!

  3. they have recently posted about “crypto-incubator” for alt-coins, I like that a lot but I also like the community idea I am just sick of all these crappy facebook groups filled with spam, the team has confirmed on slack that they will have a group set up in slack for all investors holding 10k tokens in their wallets, they will run a scrip/api to check that every hour.

  4. I decided to invest about 30-40 percent of my Crypto funds into ICO’s, I really like this on especially that there is no risk that it will crush as soon as it hits the exchanges or that someone will run with my ETH, the refund is a good idea, I think all ICOs should embrace that in 2018. There was a coin that has tried that but it was a 24 hours or something refund period.


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