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We all know that Blockchain has huge impacts on industries like finance and supply chain; however, most of us do not realize the scale of disruption that will be caused in the art world. Blockchain provides a solution to many of the inherent issues that plague the art collection and creation communities today, like ownership provenance, copyright, valuation, appraisal and authenticity of the art.

The online art sale world has been steadily growing and the market was valued at $3.75 billion USD. Projects such as Anime Coin have the vision to combine the cryptocurrency community with that of a specific art niche.

About Anime Coin

The primary vision of Anime Coin is to create a fair, transparent and honest mastercoin on the cryptomarket. They are doing so by specifically appealing to the anime community with providing exciting features, creating an immediate use-case for the new ANIME coins. This use case is the ability to issue “rare” digital art on the blockchain that can then be traded on a decentralized exchange.

Anime is planning a fork of the original ANI coin into ANIM. This brings a few core features aimed to help accelerate the growth of the crypto anime community, support new artists, and incentivize high-end anime art collectors to use. This makes interacting with the dynamic art community easy and smooth.

ANIM network users can issue named image assets on the blockchain by paying a fee. The registration costs for the asset is proportional to the size of the image.

Anime Coin (ANIM) Distribution

The coin has a max supply of 21 million coins and about 50% of those coins will be used for the ICO. However, just like Bitcoin a maximum of 21 million coin will never exist. As ANIM Coin is a modified fork of the MEME codebase, 30% of the initial ANIM coin distribution goes to the owners of MEME. The other 70% of the initial ANIM coin distribution goes to existing owners of the ANI coin. The coin trades on

Unlike most of the existing masternodes who usually take 40-50% of the mining block rewards for the owners of the masternode, ANIM gives owners of masternodes just 5% of the block reward. As there is no treasury and development funds, 95% of the block rewards goes to miners. Instead of the hash function used by MEME, ANIM will use the same peer-reviewed and secure Equihash algorithm as Z-Cash. This is done because coins that use hash functions are theoretically vulnerable to cryptographic pre-image attack.


There are entire communities being built around entirely digital collectibles and art pieces. With the likes of communities such as CryptoKitties where people have paid 6-figures for a digital art, anime coin is heading in the right directions. While Anime Coin has been around for nearly 4 years, it appears that the fork into ANIM will give the project and community a much needed revival.

If you want to learn more about the coin or want to be updated about their ICO, you can visit the site . Even if you don’t want to do so, you can visit their website to view an assorted gallery of anime art taken from the community. The website also has links to art creation videos for education and entertainment purposes.

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  1. This looks like a huge scam project. Bunch of white people / poker players.
    I wouldn’t touch this coin with a 30 foot pole.

  2. WTF is this project? The website looks like a bunch of white people.
    I wouldn’t call this an “anime” project. Looks like a joke coin that went too far.

    Not going to invest in this garbage coin. Based on their own roadmap and lack of actual use case I would say that animecoin looks like a huge scam!


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