Are you an investor? If you are, you’re probably looking for the most profitable investments that you can make right now. When you are dealing with ICOs, there’s a level of uncertainty because there are many start-ups that promise many returns on investments that will never be delivered. How to pick only the best ones?

To do that, you have to be always well informed about the best choices that you can make. And to be informed, you have to spend some time doing research. To help you out in this task, our blog constantly reviews the best ICOs of the market just for you.

Today, we are going to talk about a new company that is having an ICO soon, Ankorus.

What Is Ankorus?

Ankorus is a financial company founded a group of people in the US, UK and South Africa that intends to work in a global scale.

The main goal of this company is to solve the problem that investors face when they want to use cryptocurrency to invest outside of the crypto world. Cryptocurrency can be used in Initial Coin Offerings, but it’s hard to use it to invest in the traditional investment’s market.

To help this type of investor, the platform will allow them to use cryptocurrency to invest in this type of businesses with having to waste so much time and in a much cheaper way.

The users of Ankorus will be able to use this company to pay for bonds, equities and even Bitcoin futures without having to use actual fiat money. This way, the company plans to carve its place in the market by being an easy answer to this demand that is appearing on the market right now.

How Does Ankorus Work?

Right now, if you want to use your cryptocurrency to invest you have to first get exchanged for fiat currency, then go to back, get to a broker dealer and then finally you will be able to invest. That can take up to a whole week if you are not lucky.

To transform your investments in cryptocurrency again you have to invert the whole process. This can take so much time that the whole process becomes a very inefficient.

What Ankorus intends is to offer an alternative for investors. With blockchain technology and the structure of their platform, they want to cut all of the middlemen and offer a fast solution.

The money goes from your cryptocurrency wallet to Ankorus in a couple of minutes and then you can use it to invest in the market using the ANK tokens. The process is faster and more efficient.

With the use of smart contracts, the transactions will be secured in the blockchain, so there’s really no way that problems can affect the process of investing. Because of this, you can do it much quicker with Ankorus.

The service will be online in 2019 if everything goes according to the company’s plan.

How To Invest In Ankorus?

To invest in this new company, you have to buy their ANK tokens. The ICO will be held from November 25 to December 25.

With 1 ETH, you will be able to buy 400 ANK tokens, but there’s going to be a bonus system for early adopters. If you buy when the ICO begins, you can receive a discount of 50%. But if you do it when half of the tokens have already been sold, the discount will be only 25%. In the end of the ICO, there will be no discounts.

Ankorus Conclusion

Sholud you invest in Ankorus? Let’s analyse that. The company does not show any kind of red flag for scams, which is always a great sign. The founders of the company also seem experienced and probably know what they are doing, so that’s another positive point.

Ankorus definitely have a solid plan for their platform, so it seems like the company will have a profitable future. If they can be as efficient as they claim, their profit is almost guaranteed.

Because of this, we advise you to consider Ankorus a safe and good investment. This company does not seem to have any visible big problem and it looks like a very safe bet for investing.

If you invest in Ankorus, there is a very real chance of having a good return on investment, so this is probably a good investment if you are already interested in the future of this company.

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