ANKR is a blockchain company that offers cloud computing services. This market is projected to grow a lot in the coming years and it can even become a trillion dollar market in the near future.

Ankr.Network company believes that the current model of how cloud computing is made does not offer people a real incentive for them to contribute and they aim to make a difference in the space.

How ANKR Works?

ANKR uses blockchain to enable a distributed cloud computing service with a user-friendly structure. The company uses 6th generation CPUs with Intel SGXs. The SGXs are used to allow app developers to create barriers to protect sensitive data and avoid malware. Also, this tech enables apps to preserve the confidentiality of the data on the system.

ANKR uses a proof of useful work (PoUW) consensus protocol. Instead of spending energy for nothing with mining like Bitcoin does, this new consensus protocol actually uses the electricity for useful tasks, which is considerably more useful.

An Oracle Service will also be used by the company. This service will authenticate data feed by leveraging them. The company also has developed a multi chain structure that will allow people to use smart contract to deal with other chains, which cause even more decentralization of business.

The company will release the first prototype of the product on July 2018 and continue development until the end of the year to release the full platform on 2019. At the moment, the company is having its private sale for investors but it has not announced an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) yet.

The ANKR Team

The team that built this company is made of Chandler Song (Co-founder & CEO), Stanley Wu (Co-founder & CTO) and Ryan Fang (Co-founder & COO). The trio decided to start the company after seeing the trends and opportunities in the market.

Other team members are Song Liu (Chief Security Engineer), Yan Ji (Scientist), Quanlai Li (Blockchain Engineer), Akash Khosla (Blockchain Engineer), Stephen Liu (Blockchain Researcher), Rahim Noorani (Business Development), Fansheng Cheng (Software Engineer Intern), Yige Liu (UI Designer), Jiangang Zhang (Technology Advisor) and Christel Quek (Marketing Advisor).

The research partners of the company are Blockchain at Berkeley, DoraHacks, CPC. The strategic investors are OJ Lab, NGC, DHVC, OK Blockchain Capital, LINKVC, GBIC and Block VC.

The ANKR Conclusion

Cloud computing will be used a lot in the future. In fact, many of the current changes in the technology are being vital to the development of a new fintech industry, so companies like ANKR are bound to have some value if they can execute their potential

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