ANON's Founder Gets Sim Swapped Losing 2.5 BTC; Can The Crypto Community Help Find The Scammer?

ANON’s Founder who goes by the name of The Crypto King on Twitter has called upon the crypto community to expose a hacker who sim swapped and stole 2.5 BTC. The hunt to find the hacker will be incentivized by 5BTC.

The founder of PocetNodes clearly blames Verizon’s lack of security for this instance. However, he thinks that Binance did a good job protecting him through their high-end security and thanked the CEO of Binance for it.

He has shared the screenshots of his chat and even exposing the hacker’s photograph of his face. What’s funny about the whole incident is that the hacker tried to extort The Crypto King again for teaching him how not to get Sim swap attacked.

In order to steal a username, an account or credentials via SIM swapping. One must know the phone number linked to these accounts. Hackers contact victims’ cell phone providers to request new SIM cards. They would then transfer the target’s phone number to the new SIM card and reset the passwords of the target’s crypto, bank, investment, social media, email accounts and those that are linked to Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. By doing so, scammers would lock out the owner of these accounts. As a result, the owner would lose control over his/her data. Mobile Networks are to blame for this too.

SIM swapping is all about tricking mobile networks into transferring the “target’s” phone number to a SIM card controlled by the criminal. The police arrested Joel Ortiz, the 20-year old college student on charges of SIM swapping or hijacking. He collected five million dollars from hacking 40 phone numbers. As soon as they get the victims’ phone numbers, the criminals reset their passwords and hack their accounts, especially cryptocurrency accounts.

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