More New Elon Musk Bitcoin Scams Are Plaguing Twitter with Free Crypto Giveaways

The same ole story for Elon Musk, another day another hacked account pretending to be Elon to give away “10,000 Bitcoins.” You just need to give up your precious BTC to a complete stranger in hopes that it will return to you three-fold.

While it might seem like this Twitter scam shouldn't shock anyone nor would you think they would fall prey to it after the media (including us) have hammered the topic into everyone's minds. It still happens day in and day out.

The tweet seen below (now removed):

As you can see in the third image, the hacker uses other verified Twitter accounts to comment, regardless of how ridiculous they appear, to entice readers to send their bitcoin (BTC) to the scammer. Forbes Life Latam has 8,400 followers, Fáilte Ireland has over 92,000 and ERA Coalition has just under 4,000. These are not just simply throw away accounts like they used to use last year. They are much more sophisticated.

Just this week, retail giant Target's twitter account was seen promoting the same giveaway via a promoted tweet [They have since placed the blame for the hack on a third party software]. Shortly after that Twitter vowed to help solve the issue. Mere minutes later, Google's G Suite twitter account revealed the same scam. The tweets have both been removed.

You can be sure that this isn't the last time we will see this scam happen, maybe not even the last time today. So stay vigilant and do not give out your cryptocurrency.

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