ANTAVIRA Blockchain Credit Risk Management Platform Review

For some time now, the money lending industry remains a risky venture for most people. One of the many reasons behind this is the fact that money lenders have no guarantee of receiving their credits back without much hassle. At times, the exercise becomes tedious leading to numerous court cases. However, all this can come to an end with decentralized platforms such as ANTAVIRA.

About ANTAVIRA Blockchain Credit Risk Management

ANTAVIRA Blockchain Credit Risk Management platform is an innovation of SCORISTA; one of the world’s most famous credit assessment service provider for non-bank lenders. The new project works to offer lenders an increase in revenue within a short time with a money-back guarantee.

Antavira ICO ARMT Token Sales Information

Token sale: June 16, 2018 – July 16, 2018

Soft cap: $3.5 million
The funds will be returned to the owners if Softcap is not reached

Hard cap: $17.5 million
The ICO campaign will be completed once the HardCap goal is reached

Initial token price: $1

Accepted currency: ETH, BTC
ETH Account: Is required for receiving ARMT

The token sale for the platform would take place in the ICO;

  • 16th June 2018-16th July 2018-Sft cap $3,500,000 and hard cap $17,500,000.
  • The token distribution would include; 50% public distribution, 20% development, 15% team, 12%advisors and 3% bounty.

The token price 1 ARMT token at $1 and the only acceptable currency would be ETH, BTC. The token sale would be in six packages with five packages of 1,000,000 tokens each with a discounts 0f 5-25%.

What Features Does ANTAVIRA Have?

The innovators of the ANTAVIRA project plan to provide the following tools of operation to enhance their user’s lending experiences;

  • The smart contract that ensures adhering to all set regulations and agreements between parties
  • The use of blockchain for project allocation according to one’s current resources.
  • The decentralized system to ensure fairness and resource access to all participants without external manipulation.
  • Proper and secure storage of participants’ data free from human manipulation, which also includes automatic registrations for intellectual property rights.
  • ARMT multifunctional tokens for ecosystem transactions

How Does ANTAVIRA Blockchain Credit Risk Management Work?

The platform will consist of participants, miners and smart contracts. Participants refer to individuals/ businesses that would exchange services, miners unsure platform functionality through transaction calculations and the smart contracts ensures automatic transactions. To participate, users register to the platform by paying the setup fee in form of ARMT tokens. Once on board, they deposit ARMT tokens into their accounts for use and pay for transaction fees.

Users on the platform benefit in many ways. For instance, lenders gain from loan reimbursements, access to quality risk managers, instant replacement of employees and reduction of expenses due to the efficient blockchain. Similarly, risk managers get the opportunity to implement the profit share model with clients, work with several clients, sell their services globally and participate in new credit assessment methods.

Furthermore, Credit analysts access verifiable and unified analytical reports, market themselves globally and work with multiple clients. Data providers gain access to affordable and efficient client unified protocol, market themselves internationally and receive massive data working in the global market.

The ARMT tokens are used to as rights to access platform services, as an exchange value, a model of service fees payment, enrich user functionality and as currency/payment/transaction unit.

Should I/Not Invest?

The ANTAVIRA Blockchain Credit Risk Management Platform seems like a good solution offer to many credit stakeholders out there and with the smart contract and blockchain technology, the site seems like an excellent idea. Overall, we find this idea incredible and the site has sufficient information for interested parties, therefore, you shouldn’t hold back if the idea interests you. However, be sure to seek professional interpretation before investing.

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