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When you are looking for the right investment, you have to know many options before you can be completely sure that you are making the right one. Because of this, you have to be aware of the best opportunities, but how can you do that?

With our blog’s help, of course. We review the most interesting offers and investments in the market here, so if you follow our blog, you can be 100% that you will get the best results. Today, our blog is going to review a popular new company called OriginalMy that is having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon.

What is OriginalMy Anti-Bureaucracy Coin?

OriginalMy is a Brazilian blockchain company that plans to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized financial platform. Living in Brazil, the creators of the company know how much bureaucracy can hurt businesses. The country has one of the most inefficient bureaucracy systems in the world and that is bad for business.

Because of this, the team seeks to use the current technology to develop an alternative for investors. Now the investors can use a platform that will make transactions much more quickly and without filling tons and tons of forms. The company expects that this will enable not only Brazil to grow internationally in the market, but also help the whole world to be more efficient

The company exists since 2015 and they have been developing solutions to help the world fight bureaucracy and have more efficient systems.

How Does Originalmy Work?

Basically, the company uses blockchain technology to develop decentralized solutions. Bureaucracy’s problem is that is it heavily centralized, so the company offer services that use the blockchain to perform tasks like registrations, contracts and blockchain identity.

Using OriginalMy’s blockchain technology, any document can have its authenticity proven, independently if the document is an official document or a website content. Disputes for authenticity will be much easier to solve.

The company’s technology also provides a blockchain identity that can be used to log on sites and even make contracts that will be stored in the blockchain. All of these processes will be made quickly and efficiently, thus removing bureaucracy from the process.

The platform currently runs on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Decred blockchain.

How to Invest in Originalmy Anti-Bureaucracy Coin?

To improve their app, OriginalMy is having an ICO soon. The ICO is your chance to invest in this company. To do so, you will have to buy their tokens.

Unfortunately, the company has already announced their ICO but they do not have a fixed date for it with. Probably the ICO will happen in 2018, so pay attention if you want to invest. You can have more information following our blog regularly.

The OriginalMy Verdict

Is this company good for you? Yes, it can definitely be. They already have a solid company and everybody knows that bureaucracy can be really bad for business, so their solutions might end up getting popular.

By living in Brazil, a country known for its bureaucracy, the owners of the company are pretty familiar with the type of problem that they are trying to solve, so that is a good point. The page also contains a lot of information about the company, so you can probably believe that they are a legit company. Because of this, they look like a good choice.

If you want to invest in this company, there is no need to think twice. Follow our blog for more information about the upcoming ICO, including the price per token, cryptocurrencies accepted and the date of the main sale.

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