Anti-Derivative Token

Today, derivatives have panned out to be the largest marketplace in the world. They currently have a net worth of close to five hundred trillion US dollars. However, the market has recently been undergoing some critical regulatory changes, necessitated by the most recent global financial epidemic.

The Problem Anti-Derivative Token Seeks To Solve

From 2016, it was noted that some firms in the financial industry at times chose not to honor the contracts they had made with their clients. The firms would do this whenever they found themselves faced with financial difficulties, and would easily get away with it, without facing any type of consequence.

Whenever this happened, it is the derivative holders that would face the short end of the stick. In most instances, the customers end up getting nothing and are left at the mercy of the liquidity holders, if any.

The Anti-Derivative Token Solution

To curb this problem, the antiderivative token seeks to merge technological, financial, and legal innovations to form a multi-layered collateral. This is a collateral that can be utilized in any kind of derivative contract. Its functionalities are able to address the challenges raised above in the following manner:

  • Full market transparency and regulatory compliance
  • Blocking all the tokens that have been pledged in a bid to ensure that all the derivative holders are satisfied as well as guarantee their continued availability.
  • Automatic contract execution in the event that there is a counterparty failure

The antiderivative token will make it possible for the small and medium financial companies to compete for clients with large institutions. This will become a possibility by being able to offer certainty in what many deem to be the largest marketplace in monetary history.

How Anti-Derivative Token OTC Derivatives Trading Collateral Works

All parties taking part in the derivative contract have to come to enter into an agreement. The agreement will specify the total number of tokens to be received by the derivative holder from the counterparty, in case the latter fails to meet their end of the bargain.

The antiderivative token has been based on blockchain technology. It is, therefore, a virtual contract that cannot be altered in any way. The derivative contracts are legally binding, and all the participants are to be identified through the use of electronic certificates.

The legal technology that has been used to link these smart contracts with SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) is one based on standardized data schemes, as well as token invisibility. When both parties come to an agreement, this token will be used to attach an SPV to its own. This will ensure that a chain showing the asset transfer process has been initiated.

All the tokens that have been made available to investors are to be distributed using a public algorithm. It is the same algorithm that will deal with all price stability related issues, as well as managing the supply of tokens.

Anti-Derivative Token Features

  • Transparent—users are provided with unrivaled transparency, as only users that possess the digital signature can be able to acquire these tokens.
  • Compliant—its transparency ensures that it is fully compliant with all related regulations, including tax and anti-money laundering laws.
  • Price Stability—it has a price stability mechanism which guarantees that fifty percent of the purchase money is injected back to support various functions.
  • Automation—the contract has put in mechanisms to ensure that all contracts are executed based on the terms agreed upon by all the parties.

Anti-Derivative Token ADVT Token ICO Details

  • Pre-tokens:10 billion
  • Token price: $0.01 USD
  • Token price: 0.0000239433787 ETH
  • Total number of remaining tokens: 4999997012
  • Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum or Fiat Currency
  • Closing Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 00:48:49 GMT

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